The AIR bus spotted at 601T

Peter and I saw the AIR bus our way out of the Adobe SF offices last night, parked in the back alley. We had only seen pictures of the inside – this was our fist glimpse of the outside.

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7 Responses to The AIR bus spotted at 601T

  1. Simeon says:

    I love that the front of the bus has the lettering in reverse. That way when the bus rides up on the back of a little VW bug the driver can think “This thrill ride brought to you by the letter A” 🙂

  2. Toria says:

    Hi ThereI recently followed your tutorial – “creating your first working, interactive FLA file”I copied your code after following all your promts..inv_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, buttonClickHandler);function buttonClickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {navigateToURL(new URLRequest(““));trace(“I’m clicked”);}But I cant get the link to work and their reads an error, “The class or interface ‘MouseEvent’ could not be loaded.

  3. jen d. says:

    Hi Toria,Is your document set to ActionScript 3.0? You can check this in the Property inspector or by going to File > Publish Settings and selecting the Flash tab.

  4. bilard says:

    Thanks for this very good article … Can i translate this and insert on my site in Poland? … Thanks and Greetings

  5. CRM says:

    I love that the front of the bus has the lettering in reverse too:)

  6. Cyfra plus says:

    Hi, I spent 2 months in my company bus across Poland 🙂 Adobe Air bus is very nice and colorful 😉

  7. Poczuj sie says:

    the lettering in reverse(…) I think that it’s mirror button effect 🙂