Adobe’s account surpasses 1000 links!

Just a quick note that our Adobe account on has just surpassed 1000 links. My co-editor on the Design Center Luanne Seymour and I add links to the account that we created earlier this year. We watch the web for good instructional content created by the Adobe community (such as tutorials, articles, pertinent/useful news, inspirational stuff and so on), and tag it. We also accept links from the community, and get a number of them every day.

And we now have over 1000 pieces of great instructional content compiled and organized for your use. You can use the “bundles” on the page to look for content on the products you use – each tag will give you an idea about the topics the links are on.

As always, if you have something you’d like us to look at, send it to us using the for:adobe tag. For more information on using and sending links, see this article.

One Response to Adobe’s account surpasses 1000 links!

  1. Rahul Roy says:

    Congratulations! I think is a good way to spread the valuable information into web.