Across from Near AIR park at MAX — short interview = free book

I’m across from AIR park at MAX again, and if you have time to answer some questions about your community involvement and learning (maybe 10 minutes), I’ll reward you with a choice of a free book (we’ll mail them out right after MAX). You can choose from a wide range of books, so it might be worth your time.

I’m in the “Talk to Me” t-shirt (light blue), and have a MacBook and some pink flyers in front of me. I’m on one of the benches against the wall across from AIR park, go to the top of the escalators to Level 3 and look to your left.

2 Responses to Across from Near AIR park at MAX — short interview = free book

  1. giannhs says:

    flash cse pro>i have i circle in the left in the first frame and go in the 30 frame and i want stop there no repet form begin how i doing that pls?

  2. jen d. says:

    Hey there,There are a couple ways. You can put a stop action on frame 30. Put a keyframe on frame 30, open the Actions panel (from Window menu) and enter this code:stop();It’ll stop at that frame when you preview the SWF or SWF embedded in HTML.Or, go to File > Publish Settings. Click the HTML tab, and then deselect the Loop check box. Then you preview your work using File > Publish Preview > HTML. (it’ll still loop if you Ctrl+Enter to test the SWF)