New blog on using Flash, and AIR as it pertains to Flash CS3

A quick public service announcement that I have started up a new blog at a new domain ( I’ll be blogging about Flash authoring tool there (now that I re-joined the Flash team… by the way), instead of here.

Also, I just blogged about the AIR update as it pertains to Flash CS3 (mostly – where can you get that update??)

7 Responses to New blog on using Flash, and AIR as it pertains to Flash CS3

  1. Just a heads up that your link is correct but in the parentheses after your link you forgot an “s”.

  2. jen d. says:

    Thanks!! I guess my tagline (‘the site you can never remember how to type’) is super-accurate today 🙂

  3. Dr. JFarrell says:

    Hi Jen,Since you are a designer of all these Flash tools I have a question.What is one to do now that I have crippled my PC by downloading and deleting the latest 02/08 Up-Grade to FLASH?I have since discovered that this “Flash 9e.oxc” failure thing has been going on since 2005 with NO rsolution. Am I supposed to throw away this PC and get a new one, now that I have fallen victim to IE killer. I no longer can access any page on the www that has a Flash component.Any help would be gladly acceptedJ Farrell

  4. jen d. says:

    Hi J,I wish I could help, but I’m afraid I’m not sure what the issue is behind the scenes with Flash Player, or what might be the correct solution – I’m not too knowledgeable on installation issues or IE unfortunately.I searched around a bit, and found a couple sites that might help: (near bottom of page)Again, I’m not knowledgeable of this specific issue – so the following is just an idea of something to try if you haven’t already. It might be worth making sure all Flash Players are uninstalled and reinstalled (Player uninstaller:, then check Add/Remove programs and uninstall any remaining instances of Flash Player). Then see if you can install Flash Player again.If that doesn’t work perhaps try contacting support ( and see if they might have some ideas on how to resolve the issue.Best wishes,Jen.

  5. Luba says:

    Hi Jen,Question from a fellow Canuck (but one who is not a Flash developer). I’m looking for some basic best practices for Flash design. Can you help point me in the right direction?Thanks,Luba

  6. jen d. says:

    Hi Luba,I haven’t updated it in awhile, but this might get you started on some best practices for Flash: of it will still be relevant if you’re using CS3.If you’re new to Flash, this tutorial will outline the core concepts of Flash (and uses best practices, at least in what it shows). And it’s using the latest version. this helps!Jen.

  7. honey says:

    hi jen,I am student of B.Tech(electronics and communication) first year from India.I am 18 yr old.I am interested in animation I am also learn the language like C,C++ & Java(in processing),so can you tell me about flash programming, so that I learn this proramming.