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Fresh new content on the Adobe Design Center

There is a lot of new content just posted on the Adobe Design Center.


Adjustment layer basics (Photoshop):

Aim for the color management bullseye (InDesign):

Draw by numbers (Illustrator):

Change the shape of things with the closed and open path shape tools in Illustrator CS2 (Illustrator):

Simple adjustment layers (Photoshop):

Catch registration problems with trapping in InDesign CS2 (InDesign):

Create frame-by-frame animations with Flash (Flash):

Work with the Timeline in Flash (Flash):


Video on the web: Getting started (Hillman Curtis):

New THINK TANK article:

Getting Real: An interview with Jason Fried (Khoi Vinh):

New GALLERY artists featured:

Ernesto Lavandera

Michele D’Auria

Adobe Design Center – site of the week

The Design Center (new!) is up on at this location:

It includes newly organized information, consolodates a few areas of the Adobe website, and so on. So I choose it as my site of the week. Check it out!