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New on Adobe Labs: JamJar

JamJar was release last night on Adobe Labs. What is it? JamJar is a demo that was created using Flex 2 that lets a number of people things like share files, information, talk, plan, and so forth.

Click here for more information, and to launch the app. Click here to discuss.

Lightroom for the Mac on Adobe Labs

Lightroom for the Mac was just released on Adobe Labs. This is Lightroom‘s beta 3. You can find the download here.

Spry for Ajax 1.1 prerelease on Labs

In case you missed it, the Spry Framework for Ajax prerelease 1.1 has been put up on Adobe Labs.

The release addresses issues reported by testers since Spry first came out. You can find the change log here, the overview here, and find the download here.

New on Adobe Labs: NoteTag – from the Kiwi Project

NoteTag is the first release from the Kiwi project.

NoteTag is a proof-of-concept by a new project at Adobe currently code-named Kiwi. The Kiwi Project is an exploration of Read/Write RSS and Web 2.0 components for Adobe Flex and the Adobe Engagement Platform.
NoteTag is a sample Flex 2 application that allows users to capture notes during meetings and assign tasks within those notes to individuals. Underneath the hood, NoteTag stores notes as blog entries, formats tasks using a microformat, and uses tags to link tasks (from notes) to people. NoteTag uses a preliminary set of Kiwi Project component libraries, including an AtomProtocol library, a simple TagServerProtocol library, and an extended RSSRW library that supports setting data in an RSS feed.

Check it:

Check the Kiwi project here: