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Excellent article on AE, and feedback on docs and tutorials…

Steve Kilisky has linked an excellent article about 32-bit color support on his After Effects blog.

Read the entry here: The World of Color

In addition to the article link, Steve is asking for feedback on After Effects instructional content (the docs, tutorials, Resource center, and so forth) – I encourage anyone with opionions on or ideas for the After Effects content to head on over to his blog and let him know what you think!

excellent article on Lightroom

An absolutely excellent article about the beta release of Adobe Lightroom (check out the beta – download from


This article introduces a bit of history and background about photo editing software, RAW images, useful links, and – most importantly -offers a very detailed how-to for Lightroom (with screenshots). If you just downloaded the beta and you want to learn more about Lightroom, or just want to learn more about editing photos, this article is highly recommended.

MAX event – talk about documentation – win stuff!

Just want to let you guys know about our MAX sessions next week. I’ll be there to talk about documentation, Flash, and so on — we have some discussions topics on hand, but more than anything just want to talk to the people that use the documentation and get your ideas and feedback on it all.

Information on the two sessions is below. Also, I’ll be hanging out in and around the Community pit quite a bit (I’ll have flyers of what you see below in case you forget to write this down!) Hope to see you there!

Discuss docs with the team

What do you think of the documentation?

The Macromedia Studio 8 documentation team would like to hear what you think about the in-product help, Getting Started manuals, product tutorials, sample files, and the Studio 8 documentation experience in general.


Monday October 17th
1:30 – 3:30pm Room 304C
3rd level of the Anaheim Convention Center

Tuesday October 18th
1:30 – 3:30pm Room 304C
3rd level of the Anaheim Convention Center


Studio 8 LiveDocs is Launched!!!

In a never ending series of announcements on this here blog – LiveDocs just went up!

That’s: Studio 8 in the store.
Then – Developer centers launching one by one.

Now: LiveDocs has all the brand new documentation!

ALSO: the new Documentation support center is up — go here!
*** In case you missed it: Studio 8 is OUT for the masses! Check out the page here, and scroll to the comments for the download link:


Developer Centers are launching.. starting now!

The brand new Developer Centers ( are currently launching is the word on the… street.

For example, check it out:

Nice, shiny, and new. And full of great stuff on Fireworks 8.

UPDATE: Flash is now out!!

Which will be next?

*** In case you missed it: Studio 8 is OUT for the masses! Check out the page here, and scroll to the comments for the download link:


Macrochat on RoboHelp

A macrochat on … documentation! Befitting for this blog.

Conditional Build Tags Macrochat
Thursday, March 3, 2005
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM US/Eastern

Join Macromedia Product Support Engineer, Jason Price, for a presentation on
RoboHelp Conditional Build Tags: Creating Multiple Versions with different
content. This presentation will describe how using conditional build tags
will allow multiple help systems to be created from the same help project
Creating Multiple Versions with different content

What You Will Learn
– Creating Conditional Build Tags
– Apply Conditional Build Tags
– Create Build Expressions
– Best Practices for Conditional Build Tags


Improved LiveDocs: track, rss, reporting

Good news, LiveDocs is improved. Check out some of the new features. Browse to a page in LiveDocs and check out some new links on the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see an RSS feed of the page, a link to send you an email when a comment is posted, and a link to the Comment Report, allowing you to do detailed searches:

Now you have a lot more access to the comments people make. Note that the RSS feeds link displays only when a page has comments.

Enjoy and happy livedoc-ing.

Survey day: What are your thoughts about Help systems?

Today is Thursday survey day! Let’s think about our favorite, and least favorite, help systems and help system features.

First of all, there are internal and external help systems. An example of an internal help system is what you find in Flash MX 2004 – the Help panel. External help systems might use a browser window — essentially, this help lives outside of the program you seek information about. Fireworks MX 2004 has an external help system.

So what do you like and/or dislike about these kinds of Help systems? Which system do you prefer to use when you work with Flash?

Lastly, let’s think about the features you find in each of these kinds of Help systems. Which features do you use the most? What do you consider vitally important features of a Help system? What features are “nice to have”? What kinds of features speed up, or slow down, your search?

Your feedback is appreciated!