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Find me at MAX 2007, answer some questions, we’ll send you a free book

That’s right – you’ll have to talk to me, but the payoff is a book on a product (you’ll get to choose from a selection of stuff). There are books on everything from Acrobat to After Effects to Photoshop to Soundbooth. So it’s not all that bad!

Our team is looking for your input on how you use community-based sites out there (software related, or not). What do you like about the sites? What kind of features do you use on a community-based site, or not use? How do you like to learn about products, and interact with other parts of the Adobe community? That kind of stuff, and more.

If you talk to us, even for only a little while, we’ll send you a book.

I’ll be easy to find in a moderately-tacky and bright t-shirt, which I will picture below. My co-worker Diana will be wearing shirts of the same design, and doing the same thing as I’ll be doing (but much better, as she’s a talented researcher and I’m not).

If you want, ping me here using your email (won’t appear on the blog, but I’ll see it) and I’ll shoot you an response and we can figure out a good time to meet. I’ll also blog my whereabouts once I get situated at MAX and figure out my schedule a bit more.

Diana and I will be wearing one of these t-shirts (or one in green):

So… find me (below) in Chicago!

What do you want in the Studio, Production Suite and/or Creative Suite box? Take a survey…

We’d like your input on the resources we offer to help you learn Adobe products. To learn about how you like to learn – we created a survey. It only takes a few minutes, and it will influence what we offer in the suite boxes.

Go to the CS product page, and click “What’s in the Box?”
(Or this should work as a direct link:

From the survey:

Help us create better resources for your learning needs. Please take a quick survey on the materials you’d like to see in the Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Production Studio and Macromedia Studio boxes.