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Site of the Week: Waterlollies on Biteycastle!

Adam Phillips of has finished creating yet another amazing animation. His description of it is as follows:

Bitey’s short-sighted arrogance lands him in a world of hurt and the fastest creature in the world is brought to a slow, painful crawl.

It’s really an inspiring piece of animation – the effects, “camera” work, and characters are simply amazing. I heartily recommend watching it.

Click the Waterlollies link on this page:

Or check it out directly here:


Site of the week: Sony Bravia (eu)

I haven’t done this in a very long time, but thought I’d share this site. It takes a very long time to load (at least it did on wireless), but at least you get some factual tidbits while you wait. It’s worth it – they have their play-doh bunny ad in there, which is definitely worth the wait to see (at least I think so). Especially if you like rabbits.

Site of the Week: Nike Air website

Another nice Nike site to check out for nice/seamless video integration –

The effect on the “shoes” section of the site is quite nice.

Site of the week: Nike+

With the announcement of the new Nano+Running shoe combo comes a trendy new site to promote it — it includes Flash Video and seemed to run pretty smooth on my end. Check it out here:

Site of the week: denimbirds

Today’s site of the week:

It’s a company site for jeans, but it has some neat design aspects to it (I kinda dig the little intros for each section, and the cursor in the clothing galleries to click next/back after you zoom in).

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Adobe Design Center – site of the week

The Design Center (new!) is up on at this location:

It includes newly organized information, consolodates a few areas of the Adobe website, and so on. So I choose it as my site of the week. Check it out!

Site of the week: Goowy

This week’s site is I went there a good while ago (from some email), but upon returning to the web site a lot has changed – looks more polished, and feature-rich.

Check the “flashy” version! Now they have RSS, games, will have storage, and so on in addition to email. (Didn’t remember any of that from when I was there the first time). They also have a desktop client — has a yahoo widgets/dashboard feel – but they’re called “minis” – also includes a very mac style “mini” to open games, mail, calendar, etc.

So if you haven’t checked out this site lately, might want to go back. It looks nice, and seems pretty useful.

Altoids – Jen’s Site of Last Week

Alright, I know valentines was last week and many of you have probably seen this site, but for those of you who haven’t already seen the Altoids valentines site, it’s worth a look.

It’s reminicient of a past site of the week, Sega Labs. Nice video interaction with Flash content. Nice look and feel too.

Jen’s site of the week: Sega Labs

Site of the week time!

So, you’ve seen Adobe labs, but did you realize Sega has a labs too?

A very well done and humorous Flash site (I didn’t even mind it resizing my browser), including Flash video and tight integration with the site content. Notice how the guy reacts to the videos while they’re playing, random stuff he does like acting annoyed after the videos are over and the “camera” is still rolling. Very well done – check it out even if you aren’t into video games that blow things up using high explosive projectiles (how ’bout THAT fireball!)

Great and fitting background music too. And gives you a tantalizing look into the development of video games that provide you with a great post-apocalyptic experience. Because remember, experience matters.

Jen’s site of the week 2 – Ultimate Showdown

A great (well, funny) Flash “music video” – a total must see:

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (click the subtitles button at the bottom…)

Plus, watch for the Arrested Development reference (tell your friends! Save Our Bluths!)