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Displaying extremely large strings in a Flex DataGridColumn

Recently while working on InMarket, I was tasked with displaying very large strings within a DataGridColumn to our users. The variableRowHeight property of a DataGrid will get you part of the way, but if you start to exceed a few thousand characters, you’ll find that your row has a height larger then your entire DataGrid! As a way around this we ended up using the itemEditor capabilities of the DataGrid.

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Continuous Integratation testing FlexUnit on CentOS

First let me introduce myself.  My name is Joshua Garnett.  I joined Adobe last fall as a Computer Scientist on the Flash Platform Services Team.  I’m currently working on the InMarket app distribution service. If you’re an app developer and looking to simplify your deployment process, you should definitely check it out.

Now on to the actual reason behind this post.  Recently I was tasked with getting FlexUnit tests to run in our CI environment. There is a lot of documentation out there on how to get things up and running on Hudson, but I wasn’t able to find a fool-proof method for those of us who just want to use an ant build script to run the tests. This is a brief summary of the items that need to be setup and installed in order to do just that.

Here is the software that I ended up using:

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