by Julieanne Kost

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October 9, 2009

For most people, the fact that Camera Raw is a plug in that works in both Bridge and Photoshop is completely transparent. The most common workflow is to find the desired image in Bridge, double click to open it in the Camera Raw dialog box and start editing edits. When you’re finished, you click Open Image (or Open Object if the “Open in Photoshop as Smart Objects” is checked) to open in Photoshop.

But there is a subtle difference when you use one of the other methods (ie not double clicking in Bridge) to open a raw file For example, when in Bridge, if you choose File > Open in Camera Raw, click the Open in Camera Raw icon, or Command (Mac) / Control (Win) + R to open Camera Raw files, Bridge launches the Camera Raw plug in so that it runs within Bridge. The advantage to this workflow is that you can make edits without having Photoshop open. Another small change that you will notice if you choose one of the previously mentioned methods for opening raw files-when you are finished making edits, the default button is “Done” and by clicking it, you will be returned to Bridge.

Note if, when in Bridge, you choose to double click on a raw file (thus launching the camera raw plug-in in Photoshop) clicking the Done button will close the raw plug in and leave you in Photoshop.