by Julieanne Kost

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March 19, 2010

Tap the spacebar to enter Full Screen Preview or use Command (Mac) / Control (Win) + B to enter Review Mode and preview images without having to open them in Photoshop. While reviewing images in either of these view:
• The left/right arrow takes you to the previous/next image
• 0-9 labels and rates images
• Command (Mac) / Control (Win) + “[” or “]” rotates the image
• Command (Mac) / Control (Win) + R launches Camera Raw allowing you to make edits – all without ever leaving the Full Screen Preview or Review Mode.
• The Escape key exits both modes.
Note: I believe that there are 2 main advantages of using Review Mode: 1) it allows you to use the down arrow key to remove images from your selection and 2) it provides the ability to create Collections from your edited selection (icon appears in lower right). However in the carrousel view, the images are smaller.