by Julieanne Kost

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July 19, 2010

I have previously posted the shortcut to quickly move through all of the Blend Modes in the Layer’s panel (and/or for changing the blend modes for specific tools).But just in case you’ve forgotten it’s : Shift plus “+” (plus) or “-” (minus) to move down or up through the list. However I also mentioned that each Blend Mode also has it’s own shortcut (yet didn’t list them – so this week we’ll go through them).They all begin with the modifiers: Option (Mac)/ Alt (Win) + Shift + a letter. Most often the letter is the first letter of the name of the Blend Mode. Here are the shortcuts for the first grouping:
• Normal – Option (Mac)/ Alt (Win) + Shift + N
• Dissolve – Option (Mac)/ Alt (Win) + Shift + I
Note: The next two shortcuts are only associated with brushes, not layers.
• Behind – Option (Mac)/ Alt (Win) + Shift + Q
• Clear – Option (Mac)/ Alt (Win) + Shift + R