by Julieanne Kost

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November 25, 2010

Even if you’re not celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday as we do in the United States, this is the perfect time of year to reflect upon the goals that we set for 2010 – evaluating if we have been successful in accomplishing what we set out to do and if not, taking inventory on what we still can complete before the clock rolls into 2011.

Thankfully, I am satisfied with all of the career goals that I set for myself this year. And I made it through all of the practical, pragmatic, “you really need to take care of this” type of goals that one runs across in life. However, I realize now that my creative/photographic/artistic goals suffered this year.

I have not made nearly enough time for my own personal work. I traveled for Adobe, as I knew that I would, and made thousands of photographs, but haven’t spent the time I need to to turn them into the  digital composites that I am holding in my imagination. Luckily, I still have time and I’m going to take the next month to really focus on making images that matter to me (my own personal projects) while learning a few new things at the same time as I try some new techniques and tools.

It feels to good (and a little bit unnerving) make that commitment to the universe. But we all know that a promise made to another person has a much greater chance of being kept.

Here is an example of an image that I have in mind to make.


This image was composited after returning from Iceland with Focus on Nature (click here to find out how you can join me next year in Iceland). The components were all shot at Jokulsarlon or the Glacial Lagoon on the south coast of Iceland - the waves at the estuary of the lagoon, the birds flying over at the shore and the ice in the lagoon itself.

Watch the video below to see how the image was composited.

Wish me luck, it’s going to take some self discipline to focus during the holidays!


  • By Randy Jay Braun - 9:16 AM on November 25, 2010  

    Peace to you and your family, Julieanne. Enjoy your holiday time to yourself.

  • By Richard A. Heckler - 1:25 PM on November 25, 2010  

    You are a great teacher, Julienne. You need to take time off, to refuel, and find the deepest sources of your creativity. Good for you, good for us as well.