by Julieanne Kost

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May 30, 2011

As I am sure that many of you have found out, Smart Collections can be used as a way to double check if  “tasks” in a workflow have been completed. For example, creating a Smart Collection displays all images that are missing keywords or copyright information will let you quickly see if you’re neglected to apply that important information to your photographs. There are plenty of additional Smart Collection search parameters that you can choose from as well, including (but not limited to) date range, folder, treatment, aspect ratio, has adjustments etc.. Be sure to take a minute and check out all of the possibilities!



  • By Tom W - 10:21 AM on May 31, 2011  

    I recently setup my color labels to correspond to steps in my workflow (rate, keyword, color correct, show to client, retouch, and publish) and setup smart collections to gather those tasks based upon color label and hard drive (working drive versus archive drive).

    I like working in Smart Collections because promoting pictures to the next color label/step in the workflow makes it feel like you’re getting stuff done and making progress. One problem I’ve run into though is that although I’d prefer to do all my work rating and sorting staying in the Smart Collection, since I can’t stack pictures while in a collection I’m regularly forced back to working in the library folder to stack similar pictures. I know there’s probably not a way around this at the moment, but maybe you can recommend something.

    The other problem I’ve run into recently is that while working in a library folder if I stack several pictures and they’re all tagged with color labels saying where they are in the workflow process and then return to the Smart Collection all of the pictures instead of just the top one still show up in the Smart Collection even though many of them are now buried or hidden in a stack. There doesn’t seem to be a Smart Collection filter to hide all stacked pictures except the top one, which seems like it would have been the easiest solution to filtering those out (Am I missing it?). And I don’t want to remove the color label in case I go back to working on one of those “hidden” pictures later and want to know at a glance where I left off with it in the workflow. So I’ve been adding a keyword (‘stacked’) to all of the stacked pictures but the top one that then filters those buried pictures out of the Smart Collection. But between moving to the library folder to work, stacking the pictures, then adding keywords to multiple pictures, and coming back to the Smart Collection to work it feels I’m adding too many steps, so I I was wondering if there was another workaround or solution that you might recommend. Thanks!