by Julieanne Kost

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May 2, 2011

The default Lightroom catalog is stored:

Mac (user) /Pictures / Lightroom

Win (user) / My Pictures / Lightroom

If, however, you have made another catalog and have lost track of it,  easiest way to find it is to select Lightroom > Catalog Settings (Mac) / Edit > Catalog Settings (Win) and click General. In the Information area, it displays the path to the currently open catalog. Click the “Show”  button to reveal the catalog in the Finder (Mac) / Explorer (Win).

On the Mac, the title of the catalog is also displayed at the top of the Lightroom window but this is area is hidden when in either of the Full Screen Modes. If it is visible, Control (Mac) or Right Mouse -clicking on the title will display the path to it’s location (this feature is a function of the Snow Leopard OS – thanks to Kelly Castro for that info!).