by Julieanne Kost

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July 26, 2011

Following yesterday’s post, I wanted to mention that RPG has created a keyboard and software combination allowing photographers to quickly make Quick Develop changes via a keyboard. I have not used the product myself, but I have seen positive reviews and, because I worked for a one hour photo lab processing film using a keypad (in a previous life!), I imagine that this product has great potential for streamlining a photographer’s workflow (especially when making slightly different adjustments to a large volume of images). Click here to go to their site for more information.




  • By Tim Riley - 9:21 AM on July 26, 2011  

    We would be happy to mail you a set of keys to play with you if you like.
    no strings attached, no need for a review…. just a toy to play with for someone who we admire.

  • By John Oyeniran - 1:02 AM on July 27, 2011  

    pls. i want to learn photoshop design from the beginning. thanks the evangelist the lord will help u. thanks.