by Julieanne Kost

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August 23, 2011

For those who just want to know the short story – in Photoshop CS5 you can record an action that specifies every selection available in the Print Window and the Driver (paper size, paper type, color management mode, printer marks).

For those who want the longer version – in order to do this, we had to change the workflow a bit:

On Mac, in previous versions, you would set up your print in the Photoshop print window, click print, and then go to the OS print window to set the driver settings. We moved the OS print dialog into the Photoshop Print window, under the Printer Settings button. (The reason for this is so that we can capture all the info and put it in an action or a script.) On the first time printing in CS5, if you do not enter the Printer Settings dialog (the OS/Driver dialog), the OS dialog will appear after hitting print (just like CS4). It does this because there are no pre-existing settings. After that, this OS dialog will not appear automatically, and Photoshop will use whatever settings were last entered. Opening the Printer Settings in the print window will allow you to adjust those settings, just as before, but the order is different so this might be confusing.

On Windows, Photoshop has always had the OS/Driver dialog available from the Photoshop print window so it’s not as different, but we have removed the OS window you would have had after clicking print. Again, this was done so that Photoshop has all the print info (contained in Photoshop) so that you can record actions and scripts.

Another change that was made, is that upon selecting a printer, the default profile for the printer is selected and all of the profiles associated with that printer are filtered to the top of the list. Seems like a slam dunk, but unfortunately not all printers have logical defaults and unless you happen to be printing to the default paper, Photoshop will most likely be picking the wrong default profile. If you are a user of custom profiles, those profiles will very likely not be associated with the printer, so unfortunately Photoshop can not choose the correct profile automatically in that situation either.  It does however, at least encourage the selection of a printer profile (not AdobeRGB) to new users.

Thank you Tom Attix for this information!