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November 8, 2011

There are several shortcuts that can make your life easier when using a secondary window (on either your primary or secondary monitor).

F11 will open the secondary window. Add the Shift key on Windows to put the secondary window into Full screen, on Mac you need to add both the Command + Shift key. Note: the secondary window will only go to full screen if it is on a secondary monitor.

To move between views on a secondary monitor (Grid, Loupe, Compare and Survey), simply add the Shift key to the shortcuts keys that you already know! (G, E, C and N). Shift + \ will display the filter bar.

Likewise add the shift key to the normal shortcuts to zoom in/out (Command (Mac) / Control (Win) + Shift +  (+) / (-) plus/minus) and increase/decrease thumbnail size (Shift +  (+) / (-)

For more information, this video will walk you through the advantages of using a secondary window.


  • By Bryan - 12:13 PM on June 24, 2012  

    Hi Julieanne

    Thanks so much for your superb videos. It has made my experience of learning Lightroom 4 this weekend so much easier.

    One thing you did not discuss in “LR – Using Lightroom with Two Monitors” and I haven’t found an answer for elsewhere is having a full screen “before” on one monitor and a full screen “after” on another.

    I have found a work around. I make a virtual copy of my image and lock it to my second monitor. Then in develop mode rather than using compare mode I just view my modified image. After I make my changes I use Cntrl-Shift-F (Windows 7) to put the main monitor in full screen. When I’m done developing my picture I delete the virtual copy.

    Is there a more elegant way to accomplish this? would not let me post this comment under the video even though I was logged on with my id. I sent feedback to your technical folks about that.

    When I tried to preview this post I received a “preview error” message.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 8:29 AM on June 25, 2012  

      This is a great workaround for previewing a before and after on two different monitors Bryan, thank you for letting me know!
      I’m not sure if Adobe TV allows comments or not. I have to approve the ones that are sent to me, which I don’t always get to as quickly as I would like to. Sorry for the delay!