by Julieanne Kost

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December 2, 2011

There are several ways to copy and past settings from one image to another in the Develop module:

• Command + C (Mac) | Control  + C (Win) will display the “Copy Settings” dialog so that you can choose what setting to copy.

• Command +  V (Mac) | Control  +  V (Win) will paste those settings.

• Command + Option + V (Mac) | Control + Alt + V (Win) will paste all the settings from the previously altered photo.

• Command + Shift + S (Mac) | Control  + Shift + S (Win) will display the Synchronize Settings dialog box so that you can choose what settings to synchronize ( you must have multiple images selected to use this shortcut).

• Command + Option + S (Mac) | Control + Alt + S (Win) will synchronize multiple photos with the last copied settings – without displaying the sync dialog box.

• Command + Shift + R (Mac) | Control  + Shift + R (Win) will reset all settings applied to an image.

• Command + Option + Shift + A (Mac) | Control + Alt + Shift + A (Win) will toggle Auto Sync on and off in the Develop module (note: you must have multiple images selected to use Auto Sync.)


  • By Howard Bellowe - 6:08 AM on December 2, 2011  

    I believe the first two shortcuts above require the addition of “Shift” in order to work in Lightroom Develop module…

    • By Julieanne Kost - 8:05 AM on December 2, 2011  

      Thanks for the note Howard. I’m using LR 3.6 and I just double checked (because we all know I’ve been wrong before!!!). I can copy and paste with out having to use the Shift key in the Develop Module, but you raise a great point, you do have to add the Shift key if you want to copy and paste settings in the Library Module.