LR3 – Quickly Navigating the Basic Panel

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Quickly navigate  through the Basic Panel by tapping the “.”  (period) key . Then use the + and – keys to increase/decrease individual slider settings. Add the Shift key to move the sliders in larger increments.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 12-06-2011


  • By klaus - 6:57 AM on December 6, 2011  

    Is navigation language dependent, e.g. German Language?

    I have to press the “.” and the “+”-key in order to navigate.
    “#” and “-” increase and decrease the slider settings.


    • By Julieanne Kost - 12:10 PM on December 6, 2011  

      Yes, the keyboard shortcuts can differ from language to language:
      Due to translation and different layout of keyboard of each language, the available shortcut is different so localization has to reassign it. Thus, the shortcuts are remapped from language to language. For double byte languages (non-Roman chars), the keyboard and shortcut “should” be the same as that of English.

    • By Sven - 6:09 AM on December 7, 2011  

      for the German version I can only use “+” to navigate down – there does not seem to be a shortcut to navigate up (I had a look in the German Lr keyboard shortcut reference).
      “#” and “-” works for the sliders.

      • By klaus - 11:53 AM on December 7, 2011  


        Use “.” (dot) Key for navigating up

        • By Sven - 3:29 AM on December 8, 2011  

          I tried already before, but the “.” does not work for me as it increases the rating (1 to 5 stars). The German Lr keyboard shortcut reference also mentions “.” for increasing the rating.

  • By Elaine Bastajian - 12:29 PM on December 6, 2011  

    Thanks, Julieanne~~this is a great tip! I’m getting the hang of Lightroom thanks to your tutorials and tips :~)

  • By Julieanne Kost - 5:40 PM on December 6, 2011  

    I’m so glad that you are finding them useful! -j

  • By Trevor Morris - 5:25 AM on December 7, 2011  

    Great tip, Julieanne (as always). Is there any way to move navigate through the sliders in the Adjustment Brush or Graduated Filter panels? And is there a reason that Tab doesn’t work to move between fields in those panels as you can do (almost) everywhere else in the application? Thanks!

    • By Julieanne Kost - 11:41 AM on December 8, 2011  

      Trevor – If you click on one of the slider’s text fields then you should be able to move from one to another via the Tab key. And the up/down arrows increase/decrease the amount (adding the Shift key will change in greater increments). What version are you running? Can you make sure you have the latest by selecting Help > Check for Updates? Thanks. Julieanne

      • By Trevor Morris - 7:39 AM on December 15, 2011  

        I should note that I’m using the Windows 64-bit version of Lightroom on Windows 7 64-bit / SP1, and that I usually install the latest version within hours of release.

        The (Shift+)up/down arrow keys work correctly, however, (Shift+)Tab does not work in the Adjustment Brush or Graduated Filter panels — but (Shift+)Tab works fine in the rest of the panels.

        Thanks for your reply, Julieanne.

        • By Trevor Morris - 6:46 PM on January 20, 2012  

          Yeah, this issue appears to be resolved in the LR4 Beta. 🙂

  • By Don - 7:34 PM on December 7, 2011  

    Thanks Julieanne, your tips make LR some much more valuable