by Julieanne Kost

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March 31, 2012

I like flying internationally because periodically you can see the outside temperature displayed on the video screen.

On one of my more recent trips, the ice crystals made a stunning view – but unfortunately, I have no idea what the temperature was outside.

Have a great weekend. : )


  • By Mike Nelson Pedde - 2:58 PM on March 31, 2012  

    Wonderful images, Julieanne. Isn’t it amazing how adaptive Nature is in her choice of media when making art? Your images reminded me of this:


    PS In my opinion it’s less important to know what the temperature was than it is to know that it was nust the right combination to bring you closer to beauty… 😉

  • By Peter Thomson - 4:09 PM on April 1, 2012  


    Between -30 & -50 degrees Celsius depending on where you were. Concorde at 57000 feet was -57 Celsius outside. About -40 Fahrenheit is -40 Celsius, there are calculators online if you’re really interested, otherwise it’s just very cold!

    Thanks for the Lr videos

    Peter in Australia where it’s +30 Celsius


    • By Julieanne Kost - 8:53 AM on April 2, 2012  

      That is awesome! Thanks for the information Peter. : )

  • By Jan Erik Edvartsen - 9:40 AM on April 3, 2012  

    Beautiful pictures, Julieanne 🙂 We photographers have so much fun, don’t we. We always see something cool everywhere we go 🙂

    Oh and I just LOVE your Lightroom and Photoshop vidoes on here on Adobe. You’re so articulate and clear without being tiring to listen to. And you also seem like a very nice person. I like you alot 🙂

    Cheers from Norway 🙂

  • By Lyle Cameron - 2:42 PM on April 13, 2012  

    Yikes! I’ve never seen crystals on window but if I did, I’d wonder how the engines were doing in that weather. BTW, thanks for the great videos on LR4 & PS.