by Julieanne Kost

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March 27, 2012

In this video tutorial, you’ll find out which method of tagging images works best for the photography you do in order to simplify the creation of collections of images.


  • By Brenda J - 7:18 AM on March 28, 2012  

    This was so helpful. Question though: Can I export a collection in the custom sort order so that I can use it in an external slide show program for instance?
    thx for ALL your insights!

    • By Julieanne Kost - 9:32 AM on March 28, 2012  

      Yes, just be sure that you rename the files when you export the Collection. It depends on where you’re taking the images, but typically you can add a sequence to the beginning of the image so that when the other program sorts the files by name, they are in the order that you want them to be in.

  • By Lauri Robertson - 12:48 PM on March 28, 2012  

    Julieanne–You are soooo helpful! Question–Is the Collections info stored in the XMP sidecars, as well as in the Lr catalogue? I ask b/c, in going from Lr3 to 4, I’d really like to wipe everything out and start over… I know the ratings and keywords are in the sidecars, but don’t want to lose the Collections. Thanks! Lauri

  • By DJ - 9:01 PM on October 5, 2012  

    Amazing. Great application, great tutorial!

  • By Denny - 11:05 AM on March 4, 2013  

    If I want to export a collection from a custom sort order I understand I need to rename them starting with a sequence like 01-50. My question is, will this renumber them from the source as well? I don’t want to do that. Just for this one export version.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 2:30 PM on March 5, 2013  

      If you rename on export, only the exported files will be renamed, not the originals.

  • By Brenda Walker - 4:43 PM on March 6, 2013  

    Julieanne, great tutorials!! I am EXTREMELY new to LR. I would like to clarify one more thing about exporting a “re”named collection. Will this create a second copy of the selected images? I will need to resize every image before importing it in Premiere Elements. I would like to keep the integrity of the original images.