Photoshop’s Mask Panel – Nondestructive Edge Softening

Adobe Photoshop

When adding a mask to a layer in Photoshop, instead of guessing at the size of a feather that should be applied (because we know that the feather amount will vary depending on the resolution of the image and the desired softness of the edge that is being feathered), use the non-destructive Feather option  on the Properties panel. To access the mask properties, click on the mask icon on the Properties Panel. Now, you can add a feather to soften an edge yet, if the image is resized or other adjustments need to be made at a later time, the feather can be appropriately adjusted.

And while you’re in the Properties panel, and the focus is on the mask, be sure to check out the non-destructive Density slider to reduce the opacity (density) of the mask.

Adobe Photoshop

Posted on 06-22-2012


  • By PdC - 9:50 AM on June 24, 2012  

    A tip on top :

    before playing with the ‘feather’ slider, go to the CHANNELS panel and make visible the one corresponding to your selection.

    So you’ll really see the feathered area !