Previewing Video in Photoshop CS6

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To preview video faster in Photoshop, zoom out until the height of the canvas is less than 540 pixels. At this smaller preview size, Photoshop CS6 automatically plays and scrubs at lower resolution (and therefore faster).

Adobe Camera Raw and DNG, Adobe Photoshop

Posted on 06-05-2012


  • By Wayne Palmer - 7:37 AM on June 5, 2012  

    Great tip Julieanne!

    I do hope rendering is further addressed in the next release. I am a little puzzled that PS cannot play back an unaltered clip in real time. This is such a highly desired feature in editing that years ago you would buy a system around a real time rendering playback card. I hope CS7 includes an option to force the timeline to render, something that is standard in both Premiere and Premiere Elements.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 8:40 AM on June 5, 2012  

      Hi Wayne, I hope that it will be addressed as well – of course it always comes down to time and resources! : )
      If you’re going to be editing a lot of video then a dedicated video editor such as Premiere or PRE is the way to go – but i believe that Photoshop CS6 is now a great way for photographers to get their “feet wet” in the video arena.

  • By Papaweb - 8:36 AM on June 5, 2012  

    I zoomed height at about 350 px, but video preview is not smooth !
    (full HD 1080p video)

    • By Julieanne Kost - 11:22 AM on June 5, 2012  

      The preview may still not be smooth depending on your machine, amount of ram, GPU, location of file etc., but it will be a lot faster than if you try to preview it at 100%.

  • By Daniel Rolnik - 2:18 PM on August 28, 2013  

    I use adjustment layers to color correct my video in PS by placing them at the top of the video layers, so they affect them all. However, I think it drastically increases the amount of time it takes the video to export. Is there something I can do to those adjustment layers to make the export time decrease?

    Also, I’ve noticed that when I export the videos they look crisp when I play them on Quicktime, but when I upload them to YouTube it makes them look all pixelated. Why is this? Is there a certain compression setting I should use for the export to fix this?

    • By Julieanne Kost - 10:25 AM on August 29, 2013  

      When you make changes to a video clip (by adding an adjustment layer) each frame has to be rendered (changed based on the adjustment layer calculations) and depending on the speed of the computer, amount of ram, size of video and compression settings, this will add time to the export.
      Try using one of the presets for Youtube to see if the pixilation goes away. If that doesn’t work, I would post the issue to either of these forums to see if other customers are experiencing the same problem and if so, if they have found a solution.