by Julieanne Kost

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July 24, 2012

In order to reset any slider in Lightroom, double click on the name of the slider.

Holding down the Option (Mac) | Alt  (Win) key modifies the names of  groups of sliders. For example, in the Basic Panel, holding the Option (Mac) | Alt  (Win) toggles “Presence” to “Reset Presence”. In order to quickly reset the entire group of sliders, click the modified name (“Reset Presence”).

In addition, Option (Mac) | Alt  (Win) -dragging many of the sliders in Lightroom evokes various different behaviors. For example, in the Split Toning panel, Option (Mac) | Alt  (Win) -dragging the Hue slider will temporarily preview the Hue (color) at 100% Saturation (making it easier to select your desired hue). In the Detail panel, under Sharpening, Option (Mac) | Alt  (Win) -dragging the Detail and Masking sliders displays a black and white preview of the mask  used to suppress sharpening in lower contrast edge areas in the image). In the Basic panel, Option (Mac) | Alt  (Win) -dragging the Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and/or Blacks slider displays any areas of the image that are being clipped to pure black or white (on a per channel basis).


  • By Michael Matthews - 11:41 AM on August 6, 2012  

    Thanks for returning in part to Lightroom topics.

    I recognize that priorities shift when there is a major new product introduction.

    Restoring a bit of balance is of benefit to Adobe as well as to Lightroom users.

    Those of us who are floundering around even with this simpler product are highly reliant upon your extraordinary ability to clarify and teach.

    Thank you.