by Julieanne Kost

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August 2, 2012

When using the Spot Removal tool (Q), tap the “H” key to hide and show pins.

Use the Page up and Page down keys navigate (up and down) through an image (screen by screen) reducing the possibility of missing spots. Use the Shift key to move left/right. To move to the upper left of the document, tap the Home key. Tap the End key to go to the lower right.

Note: on a laptop, press the function key (fn) plus the up/down arrows to move up or down through the image. Press the function key (fn) plus the left or right arrow to go Home or End.

Once the dust spots are removed from one image, select similar images (similar because they all have the same dust) and use the Sync button to apply the Spot Removal settings to others. Of course you should check each image to make sure that the clone/heal is seamless – as the photographic content will (most likely) vary from one image to another!


  • By renee zernitsky - 12:27 PM on November 19, 2012  

    the spot removal tool is the worst tool I have ever used in any photo editing software No matter what there is no common sense about it – It never works or works half way and not the rest of the wau without fighting with it first. I have to abandon LR to fix it in PS. Now what’s the matter with that!

    I’ve watched the tutorials and read all the hints – it doesnt work