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November 19, 2012

Jeff Tranberry of Adobe Systems has gathered a list of the most frequently asked questions about Photoshop and has posted both the questions and the answers here.



  • By Fred Salley - 7:02 AM on November 29, 2012  

    How do I change the color of clothing?

  • By Terry Shoulders - 11:33 AM on December 12, 2012  

    Hi Julieanne,
    First, I enjoy your tutorials and find them extremely helpful. My question is…When setting up to print on my Epson 3880 Pro I have found that when printing to a matte paper the soft proof on my screen dulls up and does not have the vibrance and depth that it does on the original, or if I view a soft proof on a premium luster paper. What is the best way to get a similar effect on either paper, and how can I save the different profiles on the different papers for future printing?
    Thank you so much, and if you are ever in Carmel drop by my gallery in Carmel Plaza.
    Terry Shoulders

  • By Lewis A. Fields - 11:10 AM on December 19, 2012  

    How do I toggle between layers in Photoshop CS6?

    • By Lewis A. Fields - 11:35 AM on December 19, 2012  

      I am on windows.

  • By B Blunt - 1:21 AM on January 14, 2013  

    I bought PhotoShop Elements for my daycare. The kids broke the computer Elements was on. Can I load it on a new computer and upgrade the version? I think I paid Adobe for it some time ago so the version is dated. I also believe I just downloaded it rather than install from a disc.
    I had an XP laptop for the kids before and now have Win7Pro also on a desktop. Hopefully what I purchased was not a subscription which I discovered was the case with Norton products. I don’t buy ANYTHING Norton as a result. Thanks, Bob & Tish Blunt Near Denver, Colorado I should probably get discs incase the kids mess up my new computer (I set the first computer aside several years ago)

    • By Julieanne Kost - 8:44 AM on January 19, 2013  

      Bob and Tish,

      I would suggest that you contact customer support

      Hopefully you had registered your product and they will be able to help you.


  • By mike mccrann - 11:12 AM on June 8, 2013  

    recently returned from the middle east, and have lost the use of my right arm. Is therre away in Photoshop that allows you to press a key and have it function as being held down while you can move the mouse. Example, in cs6, doing the extract function, if you select too much you can press and hold down the ALT key and moving the mouse to deselected parts of your image. I can manage multiple keys at the same time, but not mouse movements too. Really enjoy Photoshop and worked with it since photoshop 7.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 5:30 PM on June 11, 2013  

      Mike, I asked the product team and they suggested that although they didn’t know of any Photoshop functionality, both Mac and Windows have a “Sticky Keys” functionality that allows exactly this. It makes it appear to Photoshop that the key is held down until another key is pressed:

      On Mac: System Preferences->Accessibility->Keyboard->Enable Sticky Keys
      On Win: Ease of Access control panel->Ease of Access Center->Make the keyboard easier to use->Turn on Sticky Keys

  • By Don Roos - 5:58 PM on August 17, 2013  

    stupid question, but I cannot figure out how to get a second photo imported into a second layer from a LR starting point. sorry about this annoying and elementary question, but all the searches I have done have come up empty. I have watched dozens of hours on PS at CreativeLive, but now I cannot even get a photo into a second layer.