by Julieanne Kost

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March 5, 2013

By default, when creating Virtual Copies, Lightroom automatically gives each Virtual Copy a sequential copy name: “Copy 1”, “Copy 2”, “Copy 3”, etc. To create a custom name for each Virtual Copy, in the Metadata panel (in the Library module) type the preferred name in the “Copy Name” field.


Note: to see the custom file name in the Grid or Loupe views, you may need to make a change under View >View Options. In the example below, I have set my view options to “Show Grid Extras: Expanded Cells” and my “Expanded Cell Extras” to “Copy Name or File Base Name”. Note that you can also choose to see both Copy and File name.



For more information on Virtual Copies, you may want to watch this video tutorial.


  • By Daniel thomassin - 8:06 AM on March 5, 2013  

    Merci beaucoup pour la compréhension des copies virtuel !


  • By Sharon - 9:43 AM on March 5, 2013  

    Thanks for this info…very helpful, however I am unable to figure out how to get Lightroom to allow me to show BOTH file and copy name. It only gives me one option.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 2:33 PM on March 5, 2013  

      Where are you trying to have LR display both names> If it’s in the Metadata panel, be sure that “default” is the chosen list next to the Metadata panel header (to the left of the word metadata). If you’re looking in grid view, you should be able to choose different options from the drop down menu under the Expanded Cell Extras.

  • By Paul Collingridge - 10:49 AM on March 6, 2013  

    Thank you so much for these tips. So often these are techniques that we stumble upon but struggle to remember as they were not vital at the time. I would love to add names to my VCs and then print off the reports I need. I will have to explore whether it is possible to use the contact sheet option within the print module to report the metadata I require (unless there is external software that can read the LR database to report metadata of VCs). Thank you, also, for the link reminding us of the value of snapshots for generating SmartObjects. Maybe I need a little more discipline in my workflow! Thanks again.

  • By MartinDoersch - 12:06 PM on March 6, 2013  

    Nice tip!

    Thanks for sharing.