Saving the Original File Name in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Lightroom automatically saves the original file name in the metadata of the file. In the Metadata panel, (in the header area where you can choose from a number of different ways to display the panel), choose the “EXIF and IPTC” or “Location” display options and you will see the “Original Filename” filed.



Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 03-28-2013


  • By Antonio - 7:31 AM on March 28, 2013  

    Why don’t I see this in version 4.3?

  • By Owin Thomas - 2:12 PM on March 28, 2013  

    Why does this only work after import? When you rename the file on import the original filename isn’t saved in the metadata.

    • By Chris Hain - 11:05 PM on April 21, 2013  

      This is extraordinarily annoying! I have to import, THEN rename to keep the real original name. I then forget many times to rename after import. So files in my catalog have different names, but I dare not mass-rename my whole catalog, since I use to rename while importing.. In which case the ‘Original Filename’ has been set to the RENAMED name.

      SOO sick if having to do 2 steps when importing. :-/ I posted this problem in the forum just now. I hope it gets fixed for the next update.

  • By Patrick - 2:22 PM on April 4, 2013  

    I’m on LR4.4. I import and keep the original filename, except that I convert to DNG on import. I am displaying EXIF and IPTC and do not have line for original file name.

  • By Scott McCuistion - 2:11 PM on April 11, 2013  

    I am also on 4.3 and I don’t have this field in my EXIF and IPTC panel.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 6:25 AM on April 16, 2013  

      Have you renamed the files in LIghtroom?

  • By Mike Nelson Pedde - 2:09 PM on July 8, 2013  

    Someone asked me about this today, and the following is my response. It’s correct so far as I know, but I would welcome update information!

    Hi Mike: Well… it’s supposed to, according to this: However, what Julieanne suggests in this post is that LR will maintain the original filename if you rename a file in Lightroom AFTER it’s been imported. If you rename a file during import, then LR considers the filename you’ve used on import to be the original filename. For example, my camera uses a 4-digit sequence for filenames, like DSCF0001. Since that repeats after 9999, I use a custom filename on import to add a digit, so that DSCF0001 becomes DSCF40001 for example. When I upload the card to my computer, Lightroom stores the file on the drive using that expanded name, and considers that the ‘original filename’. If, after importing the image to LR I change the name to Shoot 2013-07-08-001 then LR will make that the filename within its database but considers DSCF40001 as the ‘original filename’. If you rename a file on export it considers THAT to be the original filename of the file(s) you’ve exported. The only way around that – that I know of, is to add either a custom field to the metadata with the filename you want, or add the filename you want to the keywords. That would have to be done manually, though.