by Julieanne Kost

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May 24, 2013

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted photos so here are a few that I wanted to share from Central California.




  • By Daniel thomassin - 5:42 AM on May 24, 2013  

    Bonjour; Merci pour vos photo que je trouve magnifique et intemporel.
    Je vous souhaite un bon weekend à vous et vos collaborateur d’Adobe

  • By stephen sheoskie - 5:45 AM on May 24, 2013  

    My favorites are #1 top row left, and #9, great job

  • By Friedhelm Golz - 6:02 AM on May 24, 2013  

    Thank you very much for sharing these nine images which you beautifully combined into a great composition. Nine images tell much more about Central California than just one. My eyes just wandered from image to image and then I wondered again why you organized them the way you did. As someone who lives in the Central California, this composition is informative and compelling.

  • By Genevieve - 6:55 AM on May 24, 2013  

    I agree with Daniel. Yours photos are magnificent and have a timeless look & feel to them. I always know EXACTLY whose they are when they pop up on my Instagram feed too!

  • By Marsha Wilcox - 7:56 AM on May 24, 2013  

    Thanks for sharing. Nice!

  • By DavidLondon111 - 9:11 AM on May 24, 2013  

    The power of an image comes from knowing what does not exist as well as what does. The images here are a wonderful balance between the two and do show the essence of the region.

  • By Bryn Forbes - 4:43 PM on May 25, 2013  

    so nice! thanks for posting them here on the blog rather just on instagram!

  • By Charles Badland - 7:26 AM on June 3, 2013  

    Lovey work.

  • By David - 7:12 AM on June 6, 2013  

    These photos are stunning. I appreciate that this is off topic, but I was wondering if you or other reader have any general advice for the best ways to photograph fabrics?