by Julieanne Kost

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June 21, 2013

I mention a number of shortcuts that are new to the Spot Removal Tool (B) in the video below, “Adobe Photoshop: Favorite Features for Photographers”, but thought that it might be handy to also include them in list form:

• Tap the “V” key to toggle the visibility of the spot overlays.

• Shift -drag constrains the brush spot to a horizontal or vertical stroke.

• Shift -click connects the selected spot with the new spot via a straight brush stroke.

• Command -drag (Mac) | Control -drag (Win)  will create a circle spot and allow you to drag to define the source.

• Tap the Forward Slash key (/) to select new source for existing circle or brush spot.

• Press Delete to delete a selected spot.

• Option -click (Mac) | Alt -click (Win) on a spot to delete it (the cursor will change to a pair of scissors).

• Option -drag (Mac) | Alt  -drag (Win) in the image area over multiple spots to batch-delete (the icon changes to a marquee while dragging.

• Tap the “Y” key to toggle on/off Visualize spots. Note – this is also available as a checkbox and slider in Toolbar.


  • By Daniel thomassin - 9:33 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Bonjour;Merci beaucoup pour les raccourcies clavier .il et vraie que j’ai tendance a ne pas trots les utilisez .mes sa viendra petit à petit .
    Je vous souhaite une bonne journée à vous et vos collaborateur d’ADOBE.