by Julieanne Kost

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July 19, 2013

Hierarchical keywords are written in a much more logical (and visually obvious) manner in Lightroom 5.

For example if we have the parent keyword “Flower” and want to add the child keyword “Rose” it would be represented as:

Flower > Rose

In addition, it can also be written as:

Rose < Flower

They both result in the same keywords applied, with Flower as the parent and Rose as the child  (notice that the “>” is changing direction between the two examples).


  • By Dominik Bergthaler - 9:23 AM on July 19, 2013  

    Thats so great – I didn’t even know there was such a thing – that will safe me sooooo much time 🙂

  • By OutdoorImages - 8:08 AM on July 23, 2013  

    Julieanne, thanks as always for great content… Question: Is the space important or can you simply type the carat in the middle? Also, do we use commas to separate more than one keyword?


    • By Julieanne Kost - 4:07 AM on August 5, 2013  

      Yes, and yes! : )

  • By sophia - 5:24 PM on July 30, 2013  

    How would one set up a keyword hierarchy in an external tab delimited file in order for it to be read and respected as so in Lightroom 5? Thank you!

  • By sophia - 4:43 PM on July 31, 2013  

    Hello! I am very interested in uploading my keyword hierarchy into Lightroom 5. I originally created the list in Excel and then converted it into a tab delimited file (txt). The problem is that when I import it into Lightroom 5, Lightroom does not respect the categories and subcategories set up in the txt file. How can I set up my external file so that Lightroom reads and respects the organization I have outlined in that file?

  • By miri - 1:14 PM on August 21, 2013  

    How can one get it to stop adding the hierarchy when I don’t want it? To use your example, I just want “Rose” in there. I set things up in hierarchies to make keywords easier to find, but I don’t always want the full listing in the keywords. I had “Rose” and it automatically puts in “Rose < Flower". I delete " < Flower" and press enter and it inserts it back in there. It drives me mad.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 8:26 AM on September 6, 2013  

      You can turn off the Auto Complete Text in Keywords Tags field in Preferences > Interface.

  • By Leigh - 3:08 PM on August 30, 2013  

    How can I get LR to stop putting my keywords in alphabetical order? Those of us who submit to stock agencies and other purposes need the keywords to be in order of importance/relevance. LR ruins this by putting keywords in alphabetical order. I haven’t been able to get any help with this and I find it hard to believe that by version LR5, Adobe hasn’t figured this out.