Video Tutorial – Creating & Publishing a Book in Lightroom 5

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In this video Tutorial (Creating and Publishing a Book in Lightroom 5), Julieanne will demonstrate how to quickly add text and images, change layouts, and customize templates in order to create and publish a book using the Book module in Lightroom.

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Posted on 08-13-2013


  • By Maurice da Silva Solis - 10:23 AM on August 20, 2013  

    As always more than excellent.
    What more is there to say about this and Julieanne’s tutorials

  • By Tom O'Connell - 12:13 PM on August 30, 2013  

    Hi Julieanne-

    You must work with Blurb a lot. How about trying to get them to support LR users creating custom end flaps? And covers?

    I’ve made many many Blurb books and have complained to them about this since they were in beta. They have a million excuses why this cannot be done, but I’m not buying. We aren’t stupid – give us the constraints and we can follow them and accept them or not!

    LR goes a little way around their nutty restrictions but not nearly far enough. I make all of my books in PS and then just auto load a book of full bleed pages. I’m playing with the idea of making LR templates but not very successfully. Do you have any thoughts on this? Maybe customize existing ones and save as jpg/s?

    Any help with Blurb moving along would be great. They should know that if any competitor comes up with more flexibility, they will lose a lot of us…and for good!!!

    Thanks for your blog and videos

    Tom O’Connell