by Julieanne Kost

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October 10, 2013

Update: This class can now be purchased through CreativeLive. Click here for more information. 


If you are in the San Francisco/Bay Area, and want to join me LIVE in-studio this weekend as I give my LR 5 training class, there is limited seating available… You’ll need to click this link and click on “Want to join Julieanne LIVE in-studio?”.

Here’s the course description:

Ready to drastically reduce your post-production workflow? In this 2-day workshop, Julieanne Kost, the Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist for Photoshop and Lightroom at Adobe Systems, will show you how to save time every step of the way, from importing raw images to exporting expertly enhanced photographs — and everything in between.

Julieanne will teach you how to streamline the import process, create a simple organizational structure, and edit a shoot efficiently and seamlessly. You will learn the key tools to enhance your photographs, correct color and tonal values, customize your color to black and white conversion, and even add special effects such as selective coloring, split toning, and vintage looks.

Julieanne will also demonstrate how and when to move images from Lightroom into Photoshop for further enhancements, and outline how to easily create slideshows, photo books, and templates for printing. By the end of this class, you’ll understand key tools and strategies for streamlining your workflow while creating stunning images.

 Click here for more information and to enroll for this free 2 day class! I hope to see you in the studio – or on-line!


  • By Rusty Ellis - 6:58 AM on October 10, 2013  

    I just wonder if you will be recording this corse so that those of us around the other side of the world might learn your skills too???

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:53 AM on October 10, 2013  

      It’s an event put on by a 3rd party. You’d have to check with the CreativeLIVE folks on recorded availability.

  • By Roger Walton - 10:55 AM on October 14, 2013  

    It was BRILLIANT from start to finish!

    • By Julieanne Kost - 2:05 PM on October 14, 2013  

      Thank you Rodger, I’m glad that you found it useful!