by Julieanne Kost

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November 7, 2013

If the font size is too large, you will not be able to enter in text on the spine (on the cover) of your book. However, I was able to fix this by reducing the point size in the Text panel. Note: Another cause might be because the cell padding has accidentally been reduced so that the text won’t fit. In order to change this, reduce the padding values in the Cell panel.


  • By Michael - 8:45 AM on November 7, 2013  

    That’s right. But it seems that for books with softcover there is no possibility in LR to enter text in the spine. However spine text with softcover is supported by Blurb. A possible workaround could be to compose the entire 2-page cover as one picture in Photoshop and then import it into LR. There is still a problem: how to calculate the width of the spine?

    • By Julieanne Kost - 10:21 AM on November 18, 2013  

      I believe that it has to do with the thickness of the spine but I don’t have specifics. I will see if I can get them from the engineering team, but in the meantime, I would post the issue to either of these forums to see if other customers are experiencing the same problem and if so, if they have found a solution. In addition, posting it here will allow the product management team to see it.

  • By Takahiko Kaneko - 9:42 PM on November 10, 2013  

    Hello! Julieanne
    I met you in Tokyo and asked this problem on time.
    I am making a book of softcover 8×10 portrait 40pages.
    I adjusted cell padding and the minimum point size in the other text area because the type
    in the the panel greyed out then I couldn’t see the text box
    on the spine even not appeared yellow outline. I checked window 7 and Mac on the LR 5.2.
    I was trying to increase the volume,
    the premium lustre from 84 pages, premium matte from 84, proline from 70 standart 114
    appeared the text area on the spin.
    Is that meaning depend on the thickness of the book?


  • By Dennis Chisa - 9:38 AM on November 15, 2013  

    Hello Ms. Kost,
    On the Cover of a book I’m making in Lightroom 4.2 are some icons on the lower right corners of the Cover Spline cell and the Back Cover text cell that I can’t figure out what they mean. They are red in color, a rounded square with a red dot in the center. The type in the cells shows up and is within the cell boundaries. If I hold my pointer over them no tooltip shows and if I click on them no dialog comes up. The font size appears to be correct. I have added padding so the type is within the cell but if I remove the padding the icons remain. Can you tell me what they are for?
    Thank you, Dennis

  • By Dennis Chisa - 9:44 AM on November 16, 2013  

    Hello Ms. Kost,
    After restarting Lightroom, I was able to eliminate the warning icon on the text cell of the Back Cover by changing the padding. Must have been a glitch. The Cover Spine is different. Can’t get the icon to go away with text point size or changing padding. My question is, if the text appears on the spine, will it print?
    Thank you,

    • By Julieanne Kost - 10:14 AM on November 18, 2013  

      If the text is visible on the spine, it will print.