by Julieanne Kost

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February 6, 2014

When selecting multiple layers with the Move tool, you have the option to check “Show Transform Controls” (in the Options bar) to have Photoshop display a bounding box around selected objects (content on layers). Not only does this help to show which layers are selected but can also be used to quickly transform an object without having to select the Free Transform command.


  • By Marlene - 8:58 PM on February 9, 2014  

    Have been trying to use the free transform tool all day. Want to select an object in an image, and make it smaller, and place it elsewhere in the image. I use the quick select tool, put it on its own layer, then Command T, holding down Shift key while dragging from the corner to keep the same aspect ration. The problem is the original size object remains, and then I have two object. I’ve moved the smaller one to where I want it in the image, tried cloning out the original image, but this was a lousy solution. Any help here? Have been searching all day for an appropriate solution. Thanks.