Hiding and Showing Panels in Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Command -click (Mac) | Control -click (Win) the header of a panel to close all panels (hiding all of their options at once). Command -click (Mac) | Control -click (Win) again to display the contents of all panels.

To display the contents of one panel at a time, Control -click (Mac) / right -click (Win) a panel header (excluding the Navigator and Histogram panel), and select Solo Mode. In Solo Mode, clicking one panel header automatically closes the others. This can be especially useful when working on a laptop or smaller display.

Option -click (Mac) | Alt -click (Win) the  triangle on the panel header will also enable Solo Mode. The triangle will be a dot pattern while in Solo Mode and solid in the default mode.

Shift -click an additional panel’s header to display the contents of more than one panel while in Solo Mode.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 05-25-2016


  • By Dario - 9:18 PM on May 25, 2016  

    Hi Julieanne,
    Just a general comment that after many, many years of using Apple iphoto and then Aperture, I finally moved on to Lightroom. I was extremely hesitant with such a large photo library, almost 80,000. I’ve been on your blog and watching your lightroom tutorials. Thank you! Your videos are incredible. I am so glad I made the switch.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 5:59 PM on June 2, 2016  

      Thank you Dario – I am so glad that you found the videos useful. I don’t know what I would do without LR at this point. It has changed my workflow considerably!

  • By Geoff Baylis - 3:30 PM on May 27, 2016  

    Thanks for highlighting this Julieanne; even on a desktop it’s much quicker to use than scrolling up and down through the panels – especially if, like me, you occasionally click the bar next to the scroll bar and accidentally close the panels window.

  • By Jason Joseph - 2:13 PM on June 5, 2016  

    Dont forget the trick to memorize the shortcut keys for each individual panel I shared with you and our mutual pal Scott Kelby when Id met you at he Javiyz center.

    The sign of the cross. Up down left right. F5 F6 F67 F8 opens and closes the top bottom left and right panels respectively.

    Founder~ Six Beats Of Separation