Adobe Announces Update to Lightroom Mobile on Android

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Lightroom on Android has five, great new features including:

1) Watermarking — easily create a custom watermark on export. Here’s how:

On the main screen, tap the Lr icon. Then, tap Preferences.

Tap Sharing Options.

Toggle the Share with watermark option on and enter your watermark. Note: you won’t see a preview of the watermark in Lightroom mobile, it will be applied when exporting the image (to the camera roll, third party apps etc.). Tap Customize for additional options.

Change the font, size, offset, rotation, opacity etc. as desired.  Tap one of the dots (around the “preview” of the photo) to set the anchor point for the Offset slider and Rotate icon.

2) Geometry Controls — quickly remove unwanted distortions in an image by correcting perspective using the Geometry controls. (These are premium features and are available with a Lightroom subscription plan).

Tap Geometry to access the different options including Auto, Level, Vertical, and Full, as well as a manual Guided option.

Below, I’ve selected Guided upright. Drag up to four guides per image to straighten vertical and horizontal perspective.

3) Integration with the Google Assistant — Use Android’s Google Assistant to quickly search for all photos within Lightroom CC that have waves in them by typing or speaking “search waves in Lightroom”. Google Assistant will launch Lightroom, enter “waves” into Search and display the results based on your images in Lightroom.

4) Add images to Lightroom — Now push files from any third-party photo based apps that have the share capability to Lightroom. Just select photos in any third-part app and tap share to add photos to Lightroom. The photos will be added to “All Photos” and you can use “Sort by import date” to see most recent imports at top.


5) Open from Files —Using the new Files option in Lightroom CC for mobile, you can access Android’s file-manager to import photos from various sources including:

• Other supported photo apps and cloud-based apps installed on your device, such as Google Photos, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

• A DSLR camera connected to your mobile in PTP mode via USB OTG cable.

• Another plugged-in device connected to your mobile via USB.

• Your device’s folders



Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 02-13-2018