Photoshop CC’s Application Frame

Adobe Photoshop

By default, the Application Frame in Photoshop is enabled. On the Mac, it can be toggled off by selecting  Window > Application Frame, but I prefer  to leave it enabled for three reasons:

  • First, with it enabled, Photoshop hides other applications that you have open making your work area less cluttered. Because you will not be able to see other open applications, use the shortcut Command + Tab to quickly switch between applications.
  • Second, if you want Photoshop to be displayed on a smaller portion of the screen (in order to view Photoshop and another application simultaneously for example), position your cursor along the edge of the application (the cursor will change to a double headed arrow), and drag. The application – including any docked panels conveniently resize as a single unit). 
  • Third, you can easily move Photoshop to a second monitor by dragging the Application Bar (at the top of the application) to the desired monitor.

This free movie on (Customizing the Interface in Photoshop) demonstrates how to resize the application frame.


Adobe Photoshop

Posted on 01-08-2019