Survey View in Lightroom Classic

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Tap the “N” key to go to Survey View. Then, use the right/left/up/down arrow keys to move from one image to the next. Hover the cursor over an image and click the “X” to remove it from the selection or, tap the  “/” (backslash) to remove the active image (the one with the thin white outline around it) from the selection.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 03-25-2019


  • By jlua - 8:14 AM on March 25, 2019  

    Thanks for the tip for an underutilized feature. But: the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work on foreign keyboards. This has been a very long-standing complaint from many, many users, without an Adobe response. Same with many other very important, and very used, shortcuts, like the [ and ] shortcuts for Brush size, that don’t work either on foreign keyboards. The Community forums are full of complaints about this issue. Do you have any leverage with Adobe? How about a Keyboard Shortcut Mapper, like Photoshop has?

    • By Ruedi - 5:14 AM on April 2, 2019  

      I fully support this! A Keyboard Shortcut Mapper would make a great product even better for us with foreign keyboards.

  • By Steve - 9:37 PM on March 25, 2019  

    Also, I wish I could rate (stars) individual potos in Survey view as well.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 11:42 AM on March 30, 2019  

      You can, just use the arrow keys to highlight the image that you want to star rate and tap the number on the keyboard to apply the rating (1-5). : )