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September 23, 2015

Make Your Image Shine in Adobe Camera Raw 

Discover how to use Adobe Camera Raw to improve your image in this free tutorial (Bringing it all together to make an image shine  in Adobe Camera Raw), from


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September 18, 2015

Correcting a Tilted Horizon in Adobe Camera Raw

Discover how easy it is to straighten a crooked horizon in my free video (Correcting a tilted horizon in Adobe Camera Raw), from


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Creating a Time-Lapse Video in Photoshop

Photoshop makes it really easy to take a sequence of images and make a video, creating what is typically known as a time-lapse video. Check it out in my free tutorial (Creating a time-lapse video in Photoshop), from


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September 17, 2015

Adding a Keyline Around an Image in Photoshop

Discover how easy it is to add a keyline around an image in Photoshop with this free video (Adding a Keyline Around an Image in Photoshop), from!


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September 15, 2015

Clipping an Image Inside Type in Photoshop

Discover how easy it is to clip a photograph within type with this free video (Clipping an image inside type in Photoshop), from!

09_10_clip type

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September 10, 2015

Adding Flames to a Photograph in Photoshop

If you haven’t tried the new Flames filter, be sure to check out my free video (Adding Flames to a Photograph in Photoshop) on to see how easy it is to make hot images in Photoshop.  : )

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Creating a Soft, Diffuse, Glow with Grain in Photoshop

Discover how easy it is to create a Diffuse Glow effect in Photoshop in my free video (Creating a Soft, Diffuse, Glow with Grain in Photoshop) from

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September 8, 2015

Swapping Heads in a Family Portrait in Photoshop

Learn how to swap heads in a family portrait in my free video (Swapping Heads in a Family Portrait in Photoshop) from

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August 24, 2015

Using the Canvas Size Command in Photoshop

Learn how to make your canvas bigger in Photoshop using the Canvas Size command in my free video from


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August 18, 2015

Adobe Bridge CC Essential Training on

I’m happy to announce that my Adobe Bridge CC Essential Training course is now available on! Here is the course description:

Learn to use Bridge CC to efficiently manage and organize media assets of all kinds. Adobe evangelist Julieanne Kost shows how to download photos from a camera into Bridge, rename the files, add metadata, and view, rate, and label photos. She also shows how to share the best images with filters and collections, and showcase them in slideshows.

Topics Include:

•Importing photos

•Batch renaming files

•Adding metadata

•Saving collections and Smart Collections

• Organizing images into stacks

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August 10, 2015

Adobe Camera Raw Essential Training Now Available on

I’m happy to announce that my new Adobe Camera Raw Essential Training is now available on!

Camera Raw is more than a plugin. It’s a powerful photo editing tool in its own right, capable of taking your photos from raw material to polished gems. In this course, Adobe evangelist Julieanne Kost takes you through all of Camera Raw’s capabilities, from fixing common but vexing problems to finding more creative uses for the program’s rich and nondestructive editing tools. Learn how to correct color, fix perspective problems, and enhance detail and contrast to make images come alive. Then find out how to make localized color corrections, custom black-and-white images, and even panoramas and HDR composites. If you’re interested in becoming more efficient in Camera Raw, Julieanne also includes a chapter on using presets, synchronization, and batch processing to automate some of your corrections.

Topics include:
• Comparing raw and JPEG files
• Correcting lens distortion and perspective correction
• Removing chromatic aberration
• Cropping and straightening a tilted horizon
• Fixing color cast with the White Balance tool
• Revealing shadow and highlight detail
• Sharpening and reducing noise
• Removing haze and adding clarity
• Making localized adjustments
• Converting to black and white
• Emulating film grain
• Adding vignettes
• Retouching portraits: skin, eyes, and teeth
• Automating corrections
• Merging images for panoramas or HDR images

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August 7, 2015

How to Copy Files to an External Hard Drive in Lightroom

In this Quick Tip for Lightroom, Julieanne shows how to copy files to an external drive that Lightroom is unaware of.

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August 6, 2015

Relative vs. Absolute Adjustments to Images in Lightroom

In this episode of the Complete Picture, Julieanne Kost demonstrates the differences between making “absolute” adjustments to photographs using the Develop module in Lightroom verses “relative” adjustments using the Quick Develop panel in the Library module.

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August 5, 2015

How to Prevent Lightroom’s Previews File from Taking Over the Hard Drive

In this quick tip, I explain what makes Lightroom’s Preview file (.lrdata) grow and how to set your Catalog Settings to prevent it from getting out of hand.

(Although this video was recorded in a previous version of Lightroom, the concepts are still valid.)

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August 3, 2015

How to Update, Rename and Delete Presets in Lightroom

In this quick tip, learn how to update, rename and delete presets and templates in Lightroom.

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