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Hiding Menus in Photoshop CC

Discover how to hide and show the visibility of menu item in Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop

Printing a Customized Keyboard Shortcut List in Photoshop CC

Discover how to print a list of custom keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop CC.
Adobe Photoshop

Assigning a Keyboard Shortcut to Toggle Workspaces in Photoshop CC

Learn how to quickly toggle between workspaces using custom keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop

Compare View in Lightroom Classic

Learn the shortcuts to quickly navigate the Compare View in Lightroom Classic.
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Zooming In and Out in Lightroom Classic

Learn how to set your default zoom views in Lightroom Classic.
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Viewing Images in Lightroom Classic

Discover how to navigate between Grid, Loupe, and zoom views in Lightroom Classic.
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Creating Portfolio Books – March 19, 2019 at 10:00AM PDT

I'm excited to be a guest speaker on Dan Milnor's webinar "Hit the Books - How to Make a Portfolio", next Tuesday March 19, 2019 where ...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Rotating Images in Lightroom Classic

Command + [ and ]  (Mac) | Control + [ and ] (Win) rotates a photograph 90° clockwise / counter clockwise.
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Making Lightroom Classic Aware of Empty Folders in the Operating System

While creating a new  folder (or a subfolder) within Lightroom Classic is straightforward enough (click the plus icon in the Folder pa...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Quickly Navigating Between Tile and Consolidate to Tabs in Photoshop CC

When working with Photoshop, I find that I often need to toggle between viewing one open document and viewing all open documents (tile...
Adobe Photoshop

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop CC

You can create your own custom keyboard shortcuts for Tools, Application, Panel Menus and Taskspaces in order to dramatically increase ...
Adobe Photoshop

Renaming Items in Panels in Photoshop CC

To rename items in a panel (such as a color swatch, Action, Layer comp etc.), use the panel’s fly-out menu to view the panel by list.
Adobe Photoshop

Auto-Show Hidden Panels in Photoshop CC

Tapping the Tab key in Photoshop will hide the Toolbar as well as panels. Tapping again displays them. Adding the Shift key will hide o...
Adobe Photoshop

Auto-Collapse Iconic Panels in Photoshop CC

There is a little known feature that can help automatically show and hide panels when working in Photoshop CC: Auto-Collapse Iconic Pan...
Adobe Photoshop