Quickly Accessing the Camera while in Lightroom Mobile on iOS

This video “Quick Tip – Access Lightroom’s Capture App” shows you how to “pop” open Lightroom on iOS to access the camera as well as use widgets to speed up your workflow.

And, did you know that the volume button will release the shutter?

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Using the Image Processor Script to Process Raw Files in Bridge or Photoshop

When using the Image Processor Script to batch process raw files in Bridge or Photoshop, it’s important to know that the workflow settings in Adobe Camera Raw might have an effect on the resulting files. In this example, I selected the raw files in Bridge and choose Tools > Photoshop > Image Processor. I want the resulting images to be a maximum of 2000 pixels in the long side so I enter that value in the width and height options.

If, in Camera Raw, the Image Sizing options are disabled (or if they are set larger than 2000 pixels), then I’ll have nothing to worry about. If however, the Resize to Fit option is enabled in the Workflow Options in Camera Raw, and the Long Side dimension set lower than 2000 pixels (as is illustrated in the example below), Camera Raw will resample the image down to 1000 pixels (throwing away information) and then the Image Processor Script will up-sample it (making up information) based on the Image Processor settings.

Having the Resize to Fit option enabled might produce unexpected results.

Because resampling down and then up will lower the quality of the final image, I would be better off unchecking the Resize to Fit option in Camera Raw (or setting it to the same dimensions that I have set in the Image Processor Script).

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Lightroom Mobile 2.6 for iOS “Getting Started Series”

I’ve created a Getting Started Series for Lightroom mobile that covers everything from capture to sharing, and everything in between. Click any of the links below to view the movies. (I will be adding links to the remaining videos as they upload post to YouTube – thank you for your patience!)

1. An  Overview of Lightroom Mobile on iOS

In this video we’ll cover the difference between the free and paid versions of Lightroom mobile on iOS as well as walk through the basic workflow of adding photos from your camera, making edits, and sharing images.

2. Viewing Options in Lightroom Mobile

In this video we’ll cover several ways to view images in Lightroom mobile including flat vs segmented, grid and loupe views, and overlays.

3. Organizing Photos Using Collections in Lightroom mobile

In this video we’ll discuss the advantages of creating collections to organize your photographs in Lightroom mobile.

4. Adding Photos from the Camera Roll to Lightroom Mobile

In this video we’ll cover how to add a selection of photos from the camera roll as well as how to enable Auto Import photos to a specific collection. 

5. Taking Advantage of Lightroom’s Capture Settings

In this video we’ll walk through Lightroom’s Capture Settings including DNG and “Pro mode”, providing control over shutter speed, ISO, and focus .

6. Cropping and Straightening Photographs in Lightroom Mobile

In this video we’ll cover all of the cropping and straightening options in Lightroom mobile.

7. Applying Presets in Lightroom Mobile

In this video we’ll discover how to quickly apply creative and practical presets in Lightroom mobile.

8. Editing in Lightroom Mobile: The Light Section

In this video we’ll discover how to tone and enhance photos using exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, blacks, whites, and curves.

9. Editing in Lightroom Mobile: The Color Section

In this video we’ll discover how to set white balance, make local and global color adjustments using hue, saturation, vibrance, as well as convert photos to black and white. 

10. Editing in Lightroom Mobile: The Effects and Optics Section

In this video we’ll cover adding Clarity, Dehaze, and vignette effects to photos as well as how to enable lens corrections.  

11. Editing in Lightroom Mobile: Making Selective Adjustments

In this video we’ll cover making selective adjustments in Lightroom mobile using the Graduated and Radial filters.  

12. Applying Edits to Multiple Photos

In this video we’ll discover how easy it is to apply the same enhancements (or a subset of enhancements) across multiple images.  

13. Adding Star Ratings, Flags, and Info to Photos

In this video we’ll discover how to add titles, captions, and copyright information as well as rate, flag, and filter photos in Lightroom mobile.  

14. Sharing Photos and Publishing Collections

In this video we’ll see how easy it is to share individual photos as well as publish collections using Lightroom mobile.

15. Syncing Photos Between Lightroom mobile and Lightroom on the Desktop

In this video we’ll cover how Lightroom mobile syncs with Lightroom on the desktop, where to find your files, collections, and sync settings.


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New Reference View Announced in Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC now has a Reference View in the Develop module! This view provides a dedicated 2-Up view which lets you place a Reference (static) photo next to an Active (editable) photo. This view is incredibly useful when you’re trying to match one image to another and essential when preparing multiple images to use together in a layout or presentation!2016_12_07_rp


Additional improvements include Performance Improvements, Fit/Fill Improvements, the ability to filter or create a Smart Collection for images that have Snapshots associated with them, and the ability to export a Collection Set as a new catalog.

For more information about camera support and bug fixes in this release, click here.

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Adobe Announces Updates for Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom CC, and Adobe Camera Raw

Today Adobe announced updates for Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom CC, and Adobe Camera Raw. Here’s the short list of new features and enhancements:

  • iPhone
    • Completely new edit experience including the ability to quickly find and access tools and ensure the fastest way to enhance and edit images on a phone.
    • New Info panel, where you can easily add Titles and Captions to your photos, customize copyright information.
    • New capture experience with pro mode, providing control over seconds (shutter speed), ISO, and focus.
    • Support for all of the cameras and lenses provided in the ACR update.
  • iPad
    • New capture experience with pro mode, providing control over shutter speed, ISO, and focus.
    • Support for all of the cameras and lenses provided in the ACR update.
  • Android
    • Support for all of the cameras and lenses provided in the ACR update.
    • Bug fixes.

Click here for more information from the product team or click the following links to open new windows for the announcements of Lightroom 6.8 and Adobe Camera Raw 9.8.

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Remove Adobe Branding from Your Spark Stories!

Did you know  that if you are a paid Adobe Creative Could member, you can now remove the Adobe branding from the social graphics, web stories, and animated videos you create from the Spark web app? All you need to do is select the option when you share your Spark (you can even update the links to your previously shared stories and remove the branding).


Click here to find out more. Enjoy!

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Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Painting Tools in Photoshop CC

Did you know that you can create custom keyboard shortcuts to toggle options such as Brush Pressure Controls for Size and Opacity?

To do so, choose Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts. Next to “Shortcuts For”, choose Tools. Then scroll down to the bottom of the list. To add a Keyboard shortcut to an item, click in the empty space to the right and tap the shortcut on the keyboard.


Note: the “K” and “N” keys are not assigned to any other tools (in Photoshop’s default Essentials workspace), so you might want to assign those first. And, the keyboard shortcuts for Tools  are limited to a single key (i.e., you can’t add modifier keys like Command/Control or Option/Alt).

While you’re in this dialog, be sure to check out the other options that you can assign shortcuts to including the Mixer Brush and other options like Airbrush mode!

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Photoshop Layer Count and Composite Layer Values

You can use the Info panel’s fly-out menu to choose to display the document Layer Count in the Info palette.


You can also enable Always Show Composite Color Values to simplify the readout of the Info panel by only displaying the composite or “all layers” values.

In the default state, photoshop displays two sets of numeric values for tracking changes. Enabling

In Photoshop’s default state (the screenshot on the left), the Info panel displays two sets of values for tracking changes made to an image. Enabling “Always Show Composite Color Values” simplifies the panel and only displays the composite values (the screenshot on the right).

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Updates to Adobe Spark Post

When you need to quickly create graphics that include both text and imagery, be sure to check out Adobe Spark Post. It’s really easy to use – simply start with one of the professionally created templates. Then, tap to remix the photo, apply a filter, add text, modify typographic styles, cycle through color palettes –  even add animation! When you’re ready, tap to automatically resize your design and share to your favorite social platforms, text, email and more. The team just added additional themes and fonts as well as made tweaks and enhancements to speed up your workflow.


Click here for more information about Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video. Enjoy!

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Quick Access to the Lightroom mobile Camera on iOS

To access the Adobe Lightroom mobile in-app camera with a single swipe down, you can enable it using the Notification Center widget (on iOS).

Access Notifications by swiping downwards from the top of the screen. Scroll down and tap the Edit Button.



In the “Add Widgets” screen, swipe down until you see Lightroom mobile and tap the green plus icon to add it.

Once added, you can drag the grabber handle on the right to reorder if desired, and click Done. Lightroom mobile will now appear in the Notification Center enabling you to quickly access the in-app camera. There’s even a shortcut to edit the last photo. Enjoy!


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Passenger Seat – Creating a Photographic Project from Conception through Execution in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom On Sale!

From now until November 26th, you can purchase my book Passenger Seat – Creating a Photographic Project from Conception through Execution in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for 35% off or buy any 2 books and save 55%. Here is the link with additional information:  peachpit.com/blackfriday

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Photoshop World 2017 – Orlando, Florida

If you’re thinking about going to Photoshop World 2017 in Orlando, Florida, and haven’t purchased your ticket yet, KelbyOne is offering a $300 discount from Thanksgiving until Cyber Monday!

Use this link for more information: http://kelbyone.com/cyber-2016/

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One Image, Two Looks – Editing in Lightroom’s Develop Module

I wanted to share one more presentation – One Image, Two Looks – Editing in Lightroom’s Develop Module from Adobe MAX. Paul Burnett and I collaborated on this session entitled “One  Image, Two Looks”. We start with the same photograph and then walk through how we made specific edits using the Lightroom Develop module to achieve very different results.  Enjoy, and if you’re in the United States, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you next week.2016_11_14turnleft

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Advanced Photoshop CC Tips for Photography and Compositing

I wanted to share with you my “Advanced Photoshop CC Tips for Photography and Compositing” presentation from earlier this month at Adobe MAX. Enjoy!


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Cultivating the Creative Spark Seminar – Adobe MAX

I wanted to share with you the “Cultivating the Creative Spark” seminar that Chris Orwig and I presented this year at Adobe MAX. It’s about exploring how to more effectively ignite and sustain  the creative spark so that you can thrive. I hope you enjoy it.2016_11_cultivate01


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