3, 2, 1, Photoshop! Ten Helpful Shortcuts for Working with Layer Masks in Photoshop

Lightroom & Photoshop Workflows: Start to Finish Studies on Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning

Showcase Your Creative Work Using Adobe Portfolio 

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3, 2, 1, Photoshop! 5 Little-Known Features of the Crop Tool in Photoshop

Discover five little known features of Photoshop’s Crop Tool in under three minutes!
Adobe Photoshop

Showcase Your Creative Work Using Adobe Portfolio 

Adobe Portfolio is a fast and easy way to showcase your work and, if you subscribe to Creative Cloud or the Creative Cloud for Photogra...
Adobe Portfolio

Printing Single Images and Contact Sheets in Lightroom Classic

In these quick tips, you’ll discover how easy it is to print a single image and contact sheet in Lightroom Classic. 
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic 8.4  – GPU Accelerated Image Editing, Export to PNG, Batch Photo Merge Stacked Images and More!

I’m excited to announce the new features and latest updates in Lightroom Classic 8.4 including GPU accelerated image editing, improve...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Adobe Camera Raw 11.4 – GPU Accelerated Image Editing, Save as PNG, Profile & Preset Enhancements and More!

I’m excited to announce the following new features and updates to Adobe Camera Raw including GPU Accelerated Image Editing, Save as P...
Adobe Camera Raw and DNG

Lightroom Mobile – Recover Deleted Files, Enhanced Search Criteria, Add Batch Metadata, and More!

Lightroom mobile can now recover deleted photos, create presets from “Discover” posts, find files using enhanced search criteria, a...
Adobe Lightroom Mobile

3, 2, 1, Photoshop! Three Ways to Blend Images in Photoshop

Learn how to create beautiful composites using these three layer masking techniques in Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop

Interview with Christian Fletcher and Carwyn on Lightminded

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few moments speaking with Christian Fletcher and Carwin about photography, inspiration, and h...

The Power of Virtual Copies in Lightroom Classic

Virtual Copies are a great way to create multiple “versions” of a photograph without having to duplicate the original (Master) file...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

3, 2, 1, Photoshop! Three Ways to Change Colors in Photoshop 

In this episode of 3, 2, 1, Photoshop!, you'll discover three different ways to change the colors in your photographs!
Adobe Photoshop

Paint Symmetry in Photoshop

If you're looking for something fun to play with over the 4th of July break, check out this video on Paint Symmetry in Photoshop (repos...
Adobe Photoshop

Ten Quick Tips from my Recent Trip to Death Valley

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Death Valley and thought that I would share 10 quick tips that I was reminded of ...

New Free Transform Preference in Photoshop 

With todays update to Photoshop, you can set Free Transform to work like it did in previous versions by selecting Preferences > Gene...
Adobe Photoshop

Aerials from Iceland

On my last trip to Iceland, I was fortunate to hire a small aircraft to fly over some truly unique and stunning landscapes. Some of you...