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August 31, 2011

LR3 – Crop Tool Overlay

When cropping in the Develop Module, the Crop tool overlay is automatically displayed. To hide the overlay and have it appear only on mouse down, select Tools > Tool Overlay > Auto Show (instead of Always Show).

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June 27, 2011

LR3 – More Cropping Shortcuts

If you crop one image in the Develop module (lets say to a 4 x 5 aspect ratio) and then move to the next image (which has a different aspect ratio), tapping Shift + A applies the same (previously applied) aspect ratio.

And thank you Tony for reminding me that Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) will drag the crop from the center of the image.


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April 27, 2011

LR3 – Applying a Crop to Multiple Images in the Library Module

If you have multiple images selected in the Library module (and are viewing the images in Grid View), you can use the Quick Develop panel to crop all selected images at once (without having to go to the Develop module). Simply click the little black triangle to the right of the Saved Preset to show the Crop Ration and Treatment options. Then, select the desired Crop Ratio from the list. Note: this will crop all selected images to the correct aspect ration, but it might be necessary to use the Develop module to reposition the crop on each image individually.


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April 26, 2011

LR3 – Straightening Images

When using the Crop tool, moving your cursor outside of the Crop changes the icon to a double headed arrow, clicking and dragging (outside of the crop) will rotate the image (straightening a horizon for example).

Command (Mac) / Control (Win) toggles to the Angle tool while cropping. Using a straight line in the image, for reference click and drag over the reference line (such as a horizon) to straighten.

Cmd+ Opt /Ctrl + Alt + drag with the Crop tool swaps to Angle tool and displays an angled Grid Overlay


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April 25, 2011

LR3 – Aspect Ratio and Pixels

Don’t forget that in Lightroom you aren’t committing to a specific output size when cropping. Instead, you specify the actual number of pixels that are going to be created when you use the Export feature or one of the Output modules (Slideshow, Print or Web) to create a raster (pixel) based image.


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April 22, 2011

LR3 – Aspect Ratios for Cropping

While using the Crop tool, you can select from the list of default/preset aspect ratios, or choose Enter Custom from the list and create your own. Lightroom will save the last 5 custom aspect ratios entered.

In addition:

• “X” flips the crop (horizontal to vertical).

• “A” will lock or unlock the aspect ratio.


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April 21, 2011

LR3 – Crop Overlay Shortcuts

“O” cycles through the Crop overlay options.

Shift + O cycles through the crop overlay orientation.


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April 20, 2011

LR3 – Cropping Basics

Here are a few essential cropping shortcuts for Lightroom:

• Access the Crop tool by tapping the R key. Note: even in the Library Module, tapping R will take you to the Develop Module.

• To apply the crop, tap the Return (Mac) /Enter (Win) key.

• Escape removes the crop (or resets the crop to start of editing session of current image).

• Command + Option (Mac) / Control + Alt (Win) + R will reset the crop.



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April 4, 2011

Video Tutorial – Essential Shortcuts for Lightroom’s Develop Module

In this episode, I will demonstrate how to streamline Lightroom 3’s Develop module by taking advantage of my top 10 favorite shortcuts & time-saving features in order to eliminate many of the repetitive image adjustment tasks when editing large volumes of images.

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March 31, 2011

Tool Presets

Tool presets can save hours of time a week depending on the tools you use. For example, if you have three different fonts that you use for different clients all at certain sizes with specific alignment options, colors etc., simply set those options and, at the far left of the Options bar, click the tool icon to display the Tool Presets Picker (or select Window > Tool Presets to view the Tool Presets panel). Click the New Preset icon (the dog-eared page icon) to save your preset. You can also click the arrow for a variety of additional options such as saving and loading tool presets that you may share between machines and/or with friends.  Obviously Tool Presets go far beyond fonts, as they can save any tool’s options such as cropping sizes, dodge and burn settings,paint brushes etc.


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February 3, 2011

Resizing images Using Free Transform, the Crop Tool and Place Command

The interpolation method that is used in Free Transform, the Crop Tool and Place Command can be set in the Preferences > General > Image Interpolation menu.

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June 28, 2010

Toggle Crop / Straighten Tool in ACR

Command (Mac) / Control (Win) with the Crop Tool selected, will temporarily switch to Straighten tool in Adobe Camera Raw

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June 7, 2010

Video Tutorial – Lens Correction & Perspective Correction in Lightroom 3

In this video tutorial, Julieanne demonstrated how to improve your images by reducing lens defects like geometric distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting. Save time by combining crop, straighten, and perspective correction in one operation.

Note: This tutorial is part of the Lightroom 3 Getting Started Series.

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May 28, 2010

The Crop Tool Overlay

PSCS5 – With the Crop tool selected, drag out the crop marquee and then, in the Options bar, choose Between Rule of Thirds, Grid or None for the Crop Guide Overlay. Note, you must first drag out the crop in the image area for this setting to appear in the Options bar.

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February 10, 2010

Making Files Smaller

When a layer is larger than the canvas size (maybe you dropped a larger file into a smaller composite), Photoshop keeps track of the information beyond the visible canvas. This provides added flexibility if the image needs to be repositioned. However, when working with really large files (for example when I create my digital illustrations, each layer is 24 x 24 inches at 300 ppi and the files often reach greater than 1.5GB very quickly). In order to keep my file size down, as soon as I am certain that I will not change my mind and reposition the image, I choose Select > All and then Image > Crop. This crops any extraneous information beyond the visible canvas size (which is typically significant for my images as I photograph in a 2:3 aspect ratio but my final images are 1:1). Of course you do loose some flexibility so make sure that you are happy with each layer’s position before cropping!

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