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December 15, 2014

Duplicating Documents in Photoshop

When creating illustrations for this blog for example, I often want to duplicate the open document -leaving the original in it’s current state and creating a duplicate document to make the changes to. Although I could choose Image > Duplicate, name the duplicate document, and click OK, I find it more efficient to click the “Create New Document from Current State” icon at the bottom of the History panel.

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July 26, 2012

Working with History in Lightroom’s Develop Module

Often, I find that the default “before” history state (which is automatically created when the file is imported), is not the state that I want to compare to the “after” or current state. Fortunately,  to compare a different history state, you can simply drag and drop the desired state from the History panel into the “before” preview area. Note: don’t click on the state in the History panel – that will select that state as your current or “after” state: click -drag the state to the Before image.

• Tap the “Y” key to quickly cycle between the Before and After (current state) view.

• Shift + Y toggles the Split screen preview.

And don’t forget, if you reach a point where you like what you’ve done, but want to try a different direction, Command + ‘ (apostrophe) (Mac) | Control + B (Win)  + ‘ (apostrophe) creates a virtual copy of your photograph so that you can explore all of your creative variations.

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December 21, 2011

Video Tutorial – The Secret to Photoshop’s Art History Brush

In this episode of the Complete Picture, Julieanne Kost demonstrates the power of the Art History brush in Photoshop CS5 and its ability to continuously sample from any history state or snapshot. She will show you how to create compelling, painterly images by making simple changes to the default settings and utilizing a variety of different brush tips and presets.

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December 14, 2011

Video Tutorial – Working with Photoshop’s History Panel, Snapshots and the History Brush

In this episode of the Complete Picture, Julieanne Kost reveals there is far more to the History panel than simply un-doing mistakes. Learn as she reveals little known shortcuts for working with the History Panel, including how to fill with the History Brush, as well as a fluid method for painting between snapshots with no layer or masking knowledge required!

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June 10, 2011

LR3 – Clearing History

Rollover the “X” in History panel header and click “Clear All” to clear history.


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June 9, 2011

LR3 – Before and After View

Here are a number of shortcuts to help navigate the before and after views in Lightroom’s Develop module:

• “\” toggles Before and After view full screen (one view showing at a time).

•  “Y” displays Before and After (Left/Right) View. Add the Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) to toggle Before and After Top/Bottom view.

• Shift + Y toggles to Split Screen view.

• Drag and drop the name of any state from the History panel on top of the image in the “Before” preview area to compare with the current state (this can be infinitely more useful then comparing the original “Import” state!)

• Control (Mac), right mouse (Win) -click on a Snapshot to “Copy Snapshot Settings to Before” preview in Before/After view.

• Command + Option (Mac) / Control + Alt (Win) + Shift + Left/Right arrows move the After state to Before/Before state to After.

• Command + Option (Mac) / Control + Alt (Win) + Shift + Left arrow moves the After state to Before.

• Command + Option (Mac) / Control + Alt (Win) + Shift + Right arrow moves the Before state to After.

• Command + Option (Mac) / Control + Alt (Win) + Shift + Up arrow swap the Before and After state.

And, if you only want to preview the effects of a certain panel, click the toggle switch at the top of the panel to temporarily hide the panel’s effects (except the Basic panel – it does not have this switch).



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December 17, 2010

Clear History

Selecting “Clear History” from the History Panel’s fly-out menu clears the panel, but you can still choose Edit > Undo Clear History. Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) + “Clear History” from the History Panel’s fly-out menu will delete the history without the option to “undo” (as if you have closed the file and reopened it). This can be helpful to free up disk space or to release RAM (or when you just don’t want anyone to see what magic you’ve applied to an image)!

In the History panel, you can also Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) -click any history state (except for the current) in order to duplicate that state. This would be a way to save a state from “rolling off” the history panel (if you have the “Allow Non -Linear History option checked on in the History Options accessed via the panel’s fly out), but I think I would prefer to save a snapshot or do a save-as if I am that concerned about loosing that point in time.

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April 2, 2010

The History and Art History Brush Tools

Both the History and Art History Brush Tools sample information from the currently targeted state in the History panel (by default, this is the snapshot created when the file is first opened).

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