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July 16, 2013

Video Tutorial – Lightroom 5 – Select, Rate and Prioritize Your Images

In this video tutorial (Lightroom 5 –  Select, Rate and Prioritize Your Images), you’ll find out which method of rating images works best for the photography you do in order to quickly edit down your shoot and view your best photographs.

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March 19, 2013

That One Essential Keyword in Lightroom

As you probably know, the Painter tool can be used to apply keywords. If you enter a keyword in the Painter tool, Lightroom knows that the Painter tool is “loaded” with that keyword – even after you have put away the tool. So, if you have a “default” keyword that you often apply, enter it in the Painter tool and then use Shift + K to apply that keyword without having to select the painter tool, or use the Keywording panel.



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August 19, 2011

LR3 – Resetting Groups of Sliders in Lightroom

I had previously posted:

•  Option (Mac) / Alt (Win)  changes a group of sliders name (such as Presence in the Basic Panel) to “Reset Presence” in order to quickly reset the group of sliders (Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation) with a single click.

However, I just found out that you don’t actually have to hold down the Option (Mac) / Alt (Win)  when double clicking the name of a group of sliders, you can simple double click the group’s name (without a keyboard modifier) to reset them. The Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) key simply makes it more obvious that you’re resetting the group by adding “reset” in front of the name.

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August 16, 2011

LR3 – Assigning Metadata Templates After Importing Images

If you have forgotten to apply a metadata template when importing images into Lightroom, you can always apply it in the Library Module. To do so, select the images in the Grid view (in the Library module), and choose the desired template from the Preset drop down in the Metadata panel.

This is not only a good wayto add a “forgotten” metadata template but also to assign a more image-specific template to a subset of images. For example, you may have slightly different templates to apply different “Image Usage Rights” or other information to a subset of images.

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July 25, 2011

LR3 – Quick Develop Increments

Clicking on the single and double arrow icons in the Quick Develop panel (in the Library module) make the following changes:

• Exposure 1/3 stop / 1 stop

• Recovery 5 and 20

• Fill Light 5 and 15

• Blacks 1 and 10

• Brightness 5 and 20

• Contrast 5 and 20

• Clarity 5 and 20

• Vibrance 5 and 20

Holding down the Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) key toggles the Clarity option to Sharpen and the Vibrance to Saturation (which also make changes in increments of 5 and 20).

The Temperature and Tint sliders are dependent on the file format. When working with JPEG files, you guessed it, the changes are in increments of 5 and 20.

For raw images, the increments for Temperature and tint are also 5 and 20. However in this case they are being calculated in relative percentage terms. (Camera raw translates the relative percentage amount to the absolute temperature and tint value using curve functions – both are quadratic and perhaps not as obvious!)


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