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March 23, 2017

Sync and Reposition Local Adjustments Between Images in Lightroom CC

Lightroom’s ability to sync local adjustments between images can help increase your productivity when workignwith several, similar images. This video (Hidden Gems in Lightroom CC), will show you how.  (The link above should take you directly to the portion of the demo that covers syncing local adjustments from 6:15 – 7:20).

Note: if it’s easier, you can use the Copy… button (located at the bottom of the left panels in the Develop module) to copy Local Adjustments. Then select a different image, and paste those adjustments. It just depends on your workflow.

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September 22, 2015

Resetting the Local Adjustment tools in Adobe Camera Raw

Command + Option + R on Mac (Control + Alt + R on Win) will reset the sliders for the Local Adjustment Tools in Adobe Camera Raw. This shortcut will work regardless of whether you have a local correction selected or not.  (If you don’t have one selected, it’ll simply reset the sliders to zero for the “next” correction that you create.  Note that in ACR, attempting to create an “empty” correction will result in a warning dialog.)

You can also reset the sliders by right-clicking the pin in the preview area and choosing “Reset Local Correction Settings” from the popup menu, or choose the same entry from the flyout menu in the local correction pane.

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October 9, 2013

Video Tutorial – Adobe Camera Raw 8.2 in Photoshop CC (v14.1)

In this episode of The Complete Picture (Adobe Camera Raw 8.2 in Photoshop CC (v14.1)), Julieanne takes a close look at the feature enhancements and refinements made to the Crop tool, workflow settings, and batch saving capabilities in Adobe Camera Raw.  In addition she also covers improvements made to the Spot Removal Tool, Noise Reduction, Local Adjustment Brush, and Histogram.

Note: For more information about the Features in Camera Raw 8.0 (PSCC V14), including the new Upright perspective correction, Radial Filter, and Spot Removal  features please see this video “Adobe Photoshop CC: Favorite Features for Photographers”.

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