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October 26, 2011

Lightroom and Photoshop at Photo Plus in NY

Photo Plus starts tomorrow and I hope you will join me for one of my sessions on Photoshop and Lightroom (see descriptions below). I love how energizing NYC can be – here are a few snaps from my room. See you tomorrow!

Thursday October 27th, 2010 – 8:45 – 11:45    |     Photoshop & Lightroom: The Dynamic Duo

Are you using Lightroom to its fullest potential? Spend the morning honing your Photoshop and Lightroom skills, and learning how to streamline your workflow using these tools as the center for your image management and organization. Julianne Kost will give you an overview of Lightroom 3, the Library and Develop modules, including a discussion of file organization and management; filtering and finding files; using metadata and keywords; making collections of images; refining and adjusting photos; converting to B/W and adding special effects; and selective adjustments. Then you¹ll seamlessly edit those images into Photoshop CS5 and see some hidden feature gems and learn some time-saving best practices. Click here for the Lightroom Handout. Photoshop information is covered by video tutorials found here.


Friday October 28th, 2010 – 1:30 – 3:30    |     Maximize Your Productivity in Lightroom 3

Spend two hours honing your Lightroom skills with Julieanne Kost, Digital Imaging Evangelist at Adobe Systems. We’ll begin by discovering how to streamline your workflow using Lightroom as the center for image management and organization by taking an in-depth look at the Import dialog and the Library module. Then, discover how to work more efficiently by syncing images and use the power of presets to find out how to make the most of the many tools available in the Develop Module.  Finally, unleash the power of the output modules to deliver images to clients that express your unique vision. Click here for the Lightroom Handout.


Saturday October 28th  -3:30 – 5:30    |     Classroom 2.0: Online Teaching and Social Media (Panel)

Moderator: Jeff Curto, Panelists: Julieanne Kost, Mark Malloy, Erika Gentry & Joe Levine


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