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September 21, 2012

The Ruler or the Crop Tool

There are several tools in Photoshop that can be used to straighten an image: the most popular being the Ruler and the Crop tool. However, there is an important difference between them – the Crop tool will straighten the entire document (including all layers), whereas the Ruler tool will straighten only the selected layer.

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May 27, 2010

Straighten Using the Ruler Tool

PSCS5 – If the horizon line (or anything else for that matter) is crooked in an image, click-drag the Ruler tool along the current (angled) horizon. Then click the Straighten button in the Options Bat to automatically straighten the image (based on the angle specified by dragging).

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November 4, 2009

Measurement Scale

In the Extended version of Photoshop, select Analysis > Set Measurement Scale> Custom to customize the Measurement scale To display this scale in the Info panel use the flyout to select Panel Options and check the Measurement Scale option.

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November 3, 2009

Measuring the Angle with the Ruler Tool

The Ruler tool can be used to measure an angle like a protractor. Drag the first line and then Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) -click on the either endpoint and drag out the second line. The angle can be viewed in either the Options bar or the Info panel.

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November 2, 2009

Rotate Image

Taking a measurement with the Ruler tool and then selecting Image > Image Rotation> Arbitrary will automatically enter the measurement in the Rotate Canvas dialog box.

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