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October 17, 2013

Synchronizing Folders in Lightroom

I often download files into a folder, import them into Lightroom and then find that I have additional files to add to that folder. When this happens, I simply copy the additional files into that folder using the operating system. Then, in Lightroom, I Control -click (Mac) | Right Mouse -click (Win) on the folder in the Folder panel and choose Synchronize Folder (or choose Library > Synchronize Folder). In the Synchronize folder dialog, you can choose to display the import dialog to add additional metadata or toggle it off and add any necessary metadata in the Library module.


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December 15, 2011

LR3 – Match Total Exposures

To make a varying series of images appear more “consistently” exposed, select the images (making sure that the most properly exposed image is the “most selected”, and choose Settings > Match Total Exposures” in the Develop module. This command will look at the overall brightness and contrast (as well as some additional in-camera settings such as ISO and shutter speed settings) and attempt to match the series to the most selected image.

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December 2, 2011

LR3 – Copy and Paste Develop Settings

There are several ways to copy and past settings from one image to another in the Develop module:

• Command + C (Mac) | Control  + C (Win) will display the “Copy Settings” dialog so that you can choose what setting to copy.

• Command +  V (Mac) | Control  +  V (Win) will paste those settings.

• Command + Option + V (Mac) | Control + Alt + V (Win) will paste all the settings from the previously altered photo.

• Command + Shift + S (Mac) | Control  + Shift + S (Win) will display the Synchronize Settings dialog box so that you can choose what settings to synchronize ( you must have multiple images selected to use this shortcut).

• Command + Option + S (Mac) | Control + Alt + S (Win) will synchronize multiple photos with the last copied settings – without displaying the sync dialog box.

• Command + Shift + R (Mac) | Control  + Shift + R (Win) will reset all settings applied to an image.

• Command + Option + Shift + A (Mac) | Control + Alt + Shift + A (Win) will toggle Auto Sync on and off in the Develop module (note: you must have multiple images selected to use Auto Sync.)

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November 23, 2011

Video Tutorial – Quick Tip – How to Add Photos to a Folder in Lightroom.

In this quick tip (Synchronizing Photos in Lightroom), you’ll learn how to synchronize a folder so that Lightroom can add new photos to a previously imported folder.


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